Events Calendar 14-15 September 2019

Where does a fragrance begin and where does it end?: the theme for Fragranze 2018

The textured perception of an impalpable object: a fragrance, invisible to the senses until it is laid upon the skin, where it expands, revealing its true form.  What shape does a fragrance have?  What are its spatial boundaries and what is the duration of the sensation for something that has no substance?  These are the topics that inspired the concept of the new Fragranze communication campaign and the fair’s new layout.  The references are the works of several important artists, undisputed masters of spatialism who have generated plastic reliefs and three-dimensional volumes created from a flat surface.  As well as abstract light play where the space becomes a malleable surface.  An enigmatic and fascinating theme that will be visually portrayed by the forms created by graphic designer Diego Soprana and displayed in the layout settings by architect Alessandro Moradei.

SPRING: the special area dedicated to new talents

The area reserved for new names, fragrance lines making their debuts before international audiences and the new firms on the market ready to intercept the demand for innovation of the buyers that are most attentive to research.


INFLORESCENT: event/installation by Olfattorio

Hotel Villa Medici

Via il Prato 42, Firenze

Olfattorio presents "Inflorescent - Perfume in Art", a unique event that consists of two routes: the first at the Stazione Leopolda, with the presentation of the prestigious brands distributed by Olfattorio, and the second artistic at Villa Medici Hotel,  with a series of installations dedicated to a selection of brands.
Only for Fragranze registered visitors.