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Fragranze 15 - september 2017
Texts by Elena Moretti

Pollution-free products tick all the boxes, whether for men, increasingly more on the ball in terms of beauty and grooming or women, intrigued more than ever by no-gender fragrances.
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There is a growing desire for natural and eco-sustainable fragrances, 100% organic cosmetics or those that increasingly embrace new discoveries in regenerating secrets from the plant world.
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From the Middle East to the Orient, home of fragrant mysteries, a journey through the luxurious tradition of perfumes and extraordinary ingredients transformed by the most prestigious noses.
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Blood Concept

The last two fragrances added to the range revolve around the nogender concept: two fragrances designed to be worn by him or her with inspiration from David Bowie, a symbol of gender transversality. XX -Metro Velvet (the feminine chromosome mark) plays ingredients that have always been considered masculine like Incense and Guaiac Wood with more feminine touches such as the Lily of the Valley or the Vanilla; XY Nude Wood (the male chromosome mark) starts from Coconut and Cinnamon to structure with Cedar Wood and Nargamutta.


Today, the CARON Maison continues to reaffirm its taste for the authenticity with a new version of its iconic fragrance: POUR UN HOMME PARFUM. A new name POUR UN HOMME, in which amber and vanilla’s notes, mixed with the most beautiful Lavander of the High Provence, explode and reveal very quickly. Furthermore, the Privée Caron Collection makes homage to three noses (Ernest Daltroff, Michel Morsetti and Richard Fraysse) who have much signed the olfactory heritage of CARON Maison: 11 olfactory treasures, collected in a unique collection and proposed in the Eau de Parfum version.

Eight& Bob

Albert Fouquet was a Parisian aristocrat who first created essences for his own personal use and then for the people most dear to him. Champs de Provence was the perfume originally gifted from Fouquet to a couple of Italian friends, Alessandro and Chiara, who owned a villa in Provence, where they would go to relax among their 1600 wild plants. Among the brand’s latest products is the debut of Nuit de Megève, dedicated to a chance meeting in a prestigious ski resort, and the new Luxury Home Collection, an assortment of 5 candles and diffusers with fragrances inspired by choice locations around the world – Como Lake, Aspen, and the Hamptons – defining the spirit, history, and unique character of the brand.


The Maison, first founded in 1923, had to wait until the end of 2006 for its revival, when François Hénin, an aficionado and expert in raw materials, created a line of contemporary fragrances made with the most sophisticated ingredients. This year, the Maison kicks off a special project: What Matters is Inside; where it dared to create the first participative perfume dedicated to Italy by inviting Italians to indicate their olfactory preferences through an online questionnaire. 4 noses of global fame then interpreted the results of these perfume lovers, who subsequently voted for the most successful creation. With WMII, Jovoy has brought a wave of novelties into the world of artistic perfumery. Distributed by ESSENSES


The french “savoir-faire”, united to the incomparable artistic refinement and unconditional luxury, are expressed beautifully by the Haute Parfumerie maison, JUL ET MAD Paris. Since the launch in 2012, their perfumery art has become the fairy tale of a faboulous story: the gourgeus love story of two founders, Julien and Madalina. The Extraits de Parfum of the line, collected into two exclusive collections of high luxury, “Les Classiques” and “Les  WHITE” are composed in collaboration with renowned perfumers who use only the purest essential oils and the absolute rarest. A extremely luxurious and original presentation and the chance to chose among various format, defines and completes the allure of this brand, in which rarity and costs are not an obstacle, but the way to make living a unique experience of a “Without Compromises Perfume”.

Peccato Originale

“Gas antisociale” is the new creation by Silvia Monti for Peccato Originale. This fragrance contrasts and protects us from the negative influence of the “evil narcissists” surrounding us; a personality disorder that includes antisocial behavior, paranoia, and a tendency to live in a reality of self-congratulations. A jus characterized by a strong and distinctive spirit that protects the wearer. 

Pollution Free

Pollution is a global problem that is also damaging to the skin. Every day impurities and polluting microparticles penetrate the protective barrier of the epidermis, coming into contact with the skin cells and damaging them. In particular, some of the effects of pollution include dehydration, hyperpigmentation, accelerated skin aging, a loss of tone, a reduced skin barrier function, and photoaging. From the experience of HSA Group Cosmetic Division is born Pollution Free, the complete anti-pollution line with Zeolite; a mineral of volcanic origins that cleanses and protects the skin from polluting agents. Distributed by AQUACOSMETICS.


Sûrface is the first skin care brand developed for the sole purpose of achieving healthy skin for those who live in the city. Based in Milan, Italy, co-founders, Ilario Schiattarella & Janne van der Laan, developed the Sûrface concept initially out of a personal need; an all natural skin care range specifically created for the harsh environment of the city. Growing up in different cities they experienced how free radical damage caused by stress, dirt and smog had a visible effect on the quality and health of their skin. For this they developed a unisex line that could be used mutually between them. At the heart of all Sûrface formulations is Camellia Japonica with its purifying and anti-aging properties providing protection from the environmental elements of the city and counteracting the effects of smog and pollution.


Truefitt&Hill is the world's oldest barbershop, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Centuries-old expertise in men's grooming and the ability to remain at the top of cosmetic innovation: these are the defining features of the brand that was first launched in 1805 in London's elegant Mayfair neighborhood. The colognes, shaving accessories, and grooming products take traditional craft workmanship and merge it with the most cutting-edge production techniques. Among the New Product Arrivals for 2017 is the Advanced Treatment Serum, a revitalizing serum with extraordinary alleviating properties, and the Intensive Skin Renewal Booster, an authentic concentration of energy that favors the natural production of collagen. Distributed by CALE’.


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A Lab On Fire

No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brain behind the label operates. His identity is a total enigma A creative soul and citizen of the world, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in Sao Paulo and raised in Japan.  In 2017 a new perfume makes its debut. My Own Private Teahupo‘o is about calm origins thrilling ends, a drop of water in Antarctica, a thunderous wave in Tahiti, shimmering sunlight through a curtain of breaking liquid glass. A salty mist follows. An offshore wind bears flowers.

Aedes De Venustas

In 2012, the duo Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner co-founded the Aedes De Venustas perfumery, which has become one of the most highly acclaimed maisons of fine fragrances in recent years. Each one of the brand’s olfactive poems is inspired by a specific muse of “vegetative” origins, discovered by creative director Karl Bradl during his travels or while leafing through botanical works. With Pelargonium, the eighth fragrance of the collection, Karl explores a new region of the olfactory map, where freshly crushed leaves shed light on dusky woods and resins. Distributed by ESSENSES.

Grandiflora Fragrance

Internationally acclaimed florist and author Saskia Havekes does not arrange flowers, she curates them; she is always searching for the chance to sculpt savage beauty out of the bounty of nature and the mutability of the seasons. In 1995 Saskia opened her renowned and famously tiny flower shop, Grandiflora. Collaborating with influential brands and celebrities, styling and designing flowers for events and film, Saskia is a favourite with contemporary fashion designers and her career has blossomed along side both the Australian and International fashion industries.


Heeley is one of the few luxury perfume houses in Europe managed by the owner-founder. James Heeley is in constant evolution with a collection that currently counts 17 unique fragrances, each one of which is created in France with the rarest and highest quality ingredients, in a path closely tied to tradition and the art of perfumery. Note de Yuzu is part of a collaborative effort with Maison Kitsuné, the brand based between Tokyo and Paris: a new perfume that will be launched on 28 September 2017. The fragrance contains the energy of the Japanese Yuzu, with a fresh and fruity aroma that develops with soft sensuality across the skin, as an evocation of the traditional Japanese Yuzu bath.

Naomi Goodsir Parfums

The spirit of Naomi Goodsir parfums follows the lineage of traditional independent perfume houses. Perfumes elegant, timeless, and bold are formulated around the most noble raw materials of artistic perfumery. The perfumes are created by talented and independent noses, who are free to give full reign to their expression. Among them are included names of the caliber of Julien Rasquinet (Cuir Velours, Bois d’Ascèse, and Iris Cendré), Bertrand Duchaufour (Or du Sérail) and Isabelle Doyen (Nuit de Bakélite). The perfumes of Naomi Goodsir are made and hand packed near Grasse. The latest perfume - Nuit de Bakélite - by Isabelle Doyen, is an interpretation of the nocturnal flower Tuberose. It hints to the premise (seed) of a narcotic lady….Green, obsessive, and addictive.

Noble Isle

The three flowers and clover emerging from a bath in the Noble Isle logo represent England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, as the inspiration for this British brand's selection of unusual and fine natural extracts that are strictly of local origins. New Product 2017: It's September...and time to harvest the grapes! The Golden Harvest collection of body products embraces the beneficial properties of grape vines native to the Canterbury hills in Southern England, with their powerful anti-oxidizing effects. This delicious blend characterizes the products, while evoking the rich smell of ripe and juicy grapes that are ready for the harvest. Distributed by CALE’.

Parfums Quartana

Parfums Quartana explores the treacherous beauty and intriguing lore behind nine of the world’s most poisonous flowers. At once tantalizing and perilous, these mortal fleurs have been used to nefarious ends throughout history. Yield to their charms and surrender to a fragrant femme fatale (or homme fatale) — seductive on the outside but ultimately dark, sinister, and dangerous. Created by Joseph Quartana, founder of Six Scents Parfums, Parfums Quartana is a new premium fragrance line within the Six Scents umbrella exploring singular themes through a series of luxurious limited-edition scents.


1922. The Maison PATYKA born in the berserk Paris of the roaring Twenties. A young Hungarian pharmacist moved to Paris and distills for the first time an Exceptional Beauty Secret. Hexed by the beauty of his fascinating Parisian Muse, he creates a rare and precious elisir that lights up the skin and favors its regeneration. The Huile Absolue is born. Since its creation, PATYKA desired to offer the Exceptional Beauty and a skin improvement thanks to 100% biologically certified formulas, efficiency proved, highly concentrated in biotechnological active principles and botanic extracts.


Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenz Forest, a unique valley in the Alps where the knowledge of the healing powers of nature are passed down from generation to generation. She began to realise this idea in a very special place, the Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she developed powerful results-oriented products: Susanne Kaufmann organic treats are natural, beneficial, effective and especially compatible. 

The Organic Pharmacy

“My story begins over 27 years ago as a Saturday girl in my local pharmacy. Fascinated by the rows and rows of amber bottles, I watched person after person come in asking the pharmacist for help on their various ailments and was enthralled as he expertly blended from the amber bottles lining those shelves.” Margo Marrone. The Organic Pharmacy aims to be ‘The Best in Organic Health & Beauty’. Offering a complete organic health and beauty range, it shows it’s possible to create an organic product that is beautiful to look at, luxurious to use and more effective than its synthetic counterparts
without compromising your health or beauty. Its herbal and homeopathic dispensary and high quality supplements provide the tools needed to restore the body and bring about balance and health.


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Cinq Mondes

A sensory journey to discover ancestral rituals handed down in the five continents. Tradition, beauty, quality and authenticity are the basic values of Cinq Mondes, unique beauty treatments inspired by ancient cultures and popular tradition’s knowledge composed by natural perfumes. Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux are the founders of Cinq Mondes brand. Together, they travelled the world for a long time searching for the best beauty rituals and, their discoveries take to the creation of a methodology which principles are, still today, continuos inspiration source.

Essenzialmente Laura

is the most intense and conceptual collection by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the Italian “nose”, who over the last 30 years has gone down a unique path on the historical timeline of perfumery, which has culminated in the creation of a customized fragrance for Queen Elizabeth II. The selection of 46 fragrances is handmade in Italy with raw materials of the highest quality coming from the most renowned international laboratories. At Pitti Fragranze 2017, the brand will present four new perfumes and “The secrets of Taif” collection: a complete facial treatment made from the essential oils of the Taif rose.

Jacques Fath

1946, Acclaimed French couturier Jacques Fath started a collaboration with perfumer Vincent Roubert: two iconic fragrances, Green Water et Iris Gris were born. 2016, Parfums Jacques Fath and perfumer Cecile Zarokian create a unique Collection: Fath’s Essentials. The four fragrances, Green Water, Vers le Sud, Bel Ambre and Curaçao Bay are a sensory voyage through new olfactory territories and rare emotions.

Majda Bekkali

Perfume is an art form that has fascinated her ever since she was a little girl, and today it is the voice of her creativity. A Parisian resident of North African origins, Majda Bekkali has always sought out every possible expression of beauty, while striving to instill her brand with heart, sensitivity, and elegance. The bottles, which are rounded and smooth like river stones, create an immediate visual impact that also extends to the hands, insomuch that the desire to caress them is irresistible. Newest fragrance 2017: with the two new unisex eaux de parfum, Mudéjar and Ziryab, the artist celebrates the joyous era when different populations and cultures lived in peace and harmony in Andalusia. Distributed by CALE’.

Neela Vermeire

Neela lives in Paris and is the creative director of this line that was conceived together with Bertrand Duchaufour. To do justice to the majestic and sensual splendor of India, a costly palette of the finest and most pleasing raw materials was used, while following in the footsteps of the very best French know-how. The formulas are accordingly rich in natural essences like sandalwood, oud, resins, flowers, and spices. The newest fragrance, Rahele (the diary of an olfactory journey), is an ode to 17th Century French visitors to the East.


Founded by Dhaher Bin Dhaher in 2010, Tola represents an individual trip down memory lane.  Each olfactory note leads the individual in a journey across timeless memories and age-old stories, which are treasured and passed down from one generation to the next. Each fragrance undertakes a new path full of emotions that are intertwined with our dearest memories.  The most recently launched creation is Kaif, which in the Arabian language stands for “how” or refers to a “state of being”. Its aim is to stand out from the other fragrances of the collection, while faithfully complying with the brand’s values. 

Widian By AJ Arabia

Perfumery house founded in 2014 by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi, it is a splendid example of the contemporary Arabian spirit, with modern scented bouquets rich in tradition, as a perfect representation of the region’s present-day style. LIWA and DELMA are the fragrances of the new Velvet Collection; perfumes that embrace an unexpected olfactory world, in a resounding mix of Eastern and Western elements. Each Widian fragrance blends the familiar with the unknown, thanks to precious ingredients that will take you on a long trip across the world of the Middle East.