Belisama came about in 2015 with a collection of jewellery in silver and coloured semi-precious stones combined with bio plastic materials that take shape thanks to 3D printing technology. This fusion gives rise to unique creations, hand finished and strictly made in Italy. The Belisama collection is made up of four lines whose shapes and colours are perfectly suited to all seasons: Cosmic, with bracelets and rings with a regular, clean design that aim to recall the universe and its planets. Fattore Cool features the four-leaf clover, elephant, horseshoe and the number 13 as typical lucky charms reinterpreted with a modern twist to become original chains and bracelets. Personalissimi is perfect for those who like a unique object or gift, offering exclusive bracelets engraved with little messages, names or dates. And, lastly, Uchained, which springs from the constant search for novelty, offering an original setting to give life to an exclusive design.