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Super New In
represents the new names making their launch on the European fashion stage.

They are the newcomers who stand out in terms of talent and creative innovation, and who Pitti Immagine, thanks to its exhaustive international scouting, launches on the scene for the first time ever at Super and in Milan. Research, selection, novelty and talent; these are the principle ingredients that make Super a tightly-packed creative container that appeals enormously to the avant-garde sector of fashion retail. Here is a first-selection preview of some brands:


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Contrasting bands and fluo details light up a dusty, urban palette. Clean silhouettes with a streetwear soul for the outerwear brand dedicated to the world of rainwear: minimal, casual yet sophisticated parkas that have already been sold in the best concept stores. 

This is a collection of custom-made, men’s and women’s trousers that are entirely made in Italy. These garments are manufactured in small craftsmen’s workshops. Their key feature is represented by the infinite possibilities to personalise each model: there are almost 4,000 variations in the catalogue. One of the project partners is Alessandro Squarzi.


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Milan is a constant source of inspiration for the designer. Feminine footwear is created in neoprene, in plain or processed versions, alongside mesh and elasticated materials. The colour theme for FW17 originates in the starry skies observed over Tanzania. “Space” is the prominent element expressed in her use of glitter and 3D-effect holographs.


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Bags intended as sculptures, an emblem of creative freedom. MYLIE is a clutch bag, inspired by Mother Earth, her fruits, colours and her mysterious simplicity. A cherished, genuine fruit, a heart that has become resilient due to its infrangible 3D-solidity. It is a product featuring sinuous, intertwining lines; made in a limited-edition series.


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Italian traditions of sartorial know-how are fused with the most avant-garde technological processes. A trouser project that draws from urban lifestyle, dressed in a fresh interpretation, on the one hand refined and enriched by skilled know-how, on the other by futuristic technique and vision.


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Generous volumes and urban street style for the collection designed by duo Kiho Kim (South Korea) and Momoko Hashigami (Japan). The basis for its inspiration is the juxtaposition of opposites: feminine/masculine, calm/dynamism, sporty/chic, soft/hard. It’s a look that loves architectural and structured shapes alongside fluid and elegant textures.


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The expression of luxury made in Italy and cosmopolitan sophistication, a high-end brand of footwear set up in Milan in 2016 thanks to the creativity of Aida Karakessova. Featuring a touch of the theatricals, fine leathers and a perfectly gauged multicolour palette, it promises to be a huge success.

DUET the scarf factory

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A French designer, who is passionate about the extraordinary Indian embroideries and fabrics, presents her interpretation of this tradition in a special collection of Parisian-chic scarves in the finest silks, wools and cottons. Two women, Marie Hélène Gautier and Tanvi Kejriwal, separated by generation and continents, have created a luxury product that is an emblem of a new global culture.

Jordanian embroidery and ancient traditional craftsmanship techniques are blended with a fresh, contemporary design to create a new ready-to-wear collection. JO! Is the first collection of the Creative Jordan brand, that originated in Amman, Jordan, part of the Creative Mediterranean initiative, a project that involves seven countries in the Southern Mediterranean area, founded by the European Community and Italy in collaboration with UNIDO.



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A FW17 that shows strong influence by the Italian Renaissance: Vittore Carpaccio’s painting “Young Knight in a Landscape” inspired the colours and textures for the entire collection, finely accompanied by Victorian inspiration. Big feminine volumes for a demi-couture that contaminates luxurious materials with craftsmanship.


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A gypsy, dream-like touch, with a sense of humour with traits that are almost dark. This is the fantasy spirit of Little Rotters, jewellery made with not only precious gems and metals but also vintage materials to re-create the 3D features of mythical creatures, little friends to take with you everywhere. These are “one of a kind” items.


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Manurina combines craftsmanship and refined finishes and materials with the creative style of Manuela Rinaldi. With their precise geometrics, the bags recall this designer’s main source of inspiration: art and design. A passion for linear, balanced shapes characterises compositions given movement by strong colour combos, frame cuts and carefully selected metal hardware.


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Unique fusion of a long tailoring tradition handed down from one generation to the next, the passion of the founder Peter Trainor for Japanese fabrics and an unstructured tailoring concept. These three elements merged to create the brand in 2012, with its collections designed in New York and produced by the best manufacturers in Japan.

Under the aegis of Sensual Minimalism. Pure shapes for bags made in Florence that nonchalantly combine silk satin and leather, matt and brilliant surfaces subtly reminiscent of ballerinas’ shoes and movement. Each piece now starts up intimate dialogue with the body that wears it, reveals organised interiors and is transformable.


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Italo-Brazilian designer Paola Fabris was trained in the footwear manufacturing district of San Mauro Pascoli. Her vision unites the colours and vitality of her country with the highest levels of artisan workmanship and design from the Italian tradition. Colourful, with a strong graphic impact, the collection is perfumed with calibrated exoticism.


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A world of art and grunge-rock contaminations and a contemporary No-Gender style, attentive to trends but personal. Urban/street image for volumes and fine, natural yarns: a collection that takes its wearers, transporting them to the beat of a record and living out all its different aspects.


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A new approach: unisex, precise, anti-conventional. An ode to minimalism in its most tailor-made expression. It strongly refers to the world of uniforms blended with the desire to explore new languages. The play of opposites has a crucial role and interacts with large volumes and sharp silhouettes.



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Practical, shiny and bold-coloured accessories made in recycled sheepskin; the material comes from stock at French luxury fashion houses. This is carefully sorted, re-dyed and remodelled, creating fun and unique items. A capsule collection is poised for launch with insoles, bicycle seat covers, gloves and hot-pants entirely made in sheepskin.


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The exclusive launching of the new collection of urban sneakers designed by David Parisi (Casamadre). A first proposal of great character with a strong Made in Italy identity, at a competitive price, with an image that looks to the most successful Japanese brands in the Land of the Rising Sun.