Events Calendar of Taste & FuoridiTaste 2018 07-11 March 2019


Anici miei

S.forno - Il Santino - Il Santo bevitore

Via S. Monaca, 3r - Via di Santo Spirito, 60 - Via di Santo Spirito, 64 - Firenze

Created in 1877, L’Anisetta Rosati is based on an age-old recipe from the Rosati pharmacy in Ascoli Piceno. Sample the artisanal creations at S.forno (all day), try it as an aperitif at the Santino wine bar together with Patatas Nana and Fracassa Salumi (from 7:00 pm) or in a special menu at the Santo Bevitore restaurant.

for info and reservations:
055 211264 -

price: from 6 euros


Uno, due e tre: cialde di Montecatini, brigidini e cantumatti per te!

Caffé Le Giubbe Rosse

Piazza della Repubblica, 13/14 - Firenze

Discover classic Tuscan sweets from Famiglia Desideri that have been reinterpreted by the chef Federica Continanza in one of Florence’s historic cafes.

for info:
055 212280

price: 7-12 euros


Mercato dei contadini di Alveare che dice SI

Spazio Costanza

Via del Ponte alle Mosse, 32 - Firenze

Authentic, locally sourced products. Producers from the "L'Alveare che dice Sì!" network will host a special farmer's market. The same producers that every week supply the Alveari of Florence Beehives will today offer Fuori di Taste visitors top quality farm-to-table cheeses, salami, pasta, biscuits, fruit and vegetables. Producers include Dolcemporio biscuits (Forno Vannini), cantucci from Fratelli Lunardi and the homemade pasta of Michele Portoghese. There are workshops and free tastings planned throughout the day.

free admission


Fuori di Glutine - Mercato Gluten Free

Spazio Costanza

Via del Ponte alle Mosse, 32r - Firenze

The "ChiaraGaia - Cucina Giramondo Senza Glutine" Association puts on a gluten-free event. There will be a market with selections from producers that for years have dedicated themselves to the gluten-free sector. There will be pizza, pasta, fresh pastries and much more on a journey through taste and quality to show that gluten free does not mean sacrificing flavor. Free workshops and cooking demonstrations are planned throughout the day.

free admission


Farm to Table at Le Lune: Chianina, pasta fresca, Pinot nero Rosato

Le Lune - Ristorante nel vivaio

Via San Domenico, 36 - Firenze

Organic Chianina beef by Barbialla and fresh pasta from Luca Pedrini. In the glass, wines from Marchesi Pancrazi: Torchietti, Francesina and Pinot Nero Rose'. Tasting from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm/Dinner at 8:00 pm.

for info and reservations:
335 6456525

price: tasting 10 euros / dinner and wine pairing 35 euros


Taste - Food & Wine


Piazza della Repubblica - Firenze

On the occasion of Fuori di Taste, the Rinascente department store invites you to discover gourmet Italian delicacies. Also held on Sunday March 11th.

for info:
055 219113

free admission


Frescobaldi incontra la Puglia: la pasta biologica dell'azienda Motticella e i Pomodori Corbara

Ristorante Frescobaldi Firenze

Piazza della Signoria, 31 - Firenze

Tasting menu: starter (pappa al Pomodoro di Corbara with red prawns from Mazzara del Vallo); first course (organic chitarra spaghetti with Corbara tomatoes); glass of Alìe wine, water and coffee. In cooperation with Az. Agraria Paolo Petrilli.

for info and reservations:
055 284724

price: 22 euros


Badalì "Cinta e tartufo"

Badalì Osteria

Via dei Renai, 11r - Firenze

Tasting of charcuterie and grilled Cinta Senese meat alternate with foods with black truffles from San Miniato. Products from Savini Tartufi and Renieri. Menu also offered on Sunday March 11th.

for info and reservations:
055 2264422

à la carte


“Honestly Good”: (rediscovering) the morality of food, with Csaba dalla Zorza

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

The famous food writer Csaba dalla Zorza will be at Taste to present her latest book “Honestly Good” (Guido Tommasi Editore) dedicated to a new way of cooking, eating and staying well.  And for the occasion she will talk about her idea of morality for food and for those who consume it which must necessarily revolve around a full awareness of flavor, of health, of the Planet. Moderated by Giuliana Parabiago (Pitti Immagine).


Mini Foraging

Serre Torrigiani

Via Gusciana, 21 - Firenze

A special workshop aimed at bringing kids closer to the world of foraging, making a complicated subject agreeable and more accessible. Curated by Wood*ing Lab.

By registration only - please write an email to
(children from 5 to 10 years old)


Taste Ring _ Gualtiero Marchesi: l’arte del cibo/the art of food

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

Speakers: Annie Feolde (Enoteca Pinchiorri), Sara Vitali (Fondazione Gualtiero  Marchesi), Ludovica Sebregondi (Palazzo Strozzi).


Let's Taste SICS


Via Calimaruzza, 13r - Firenze

Tasting of Renieri foods and wines from I Balzini with lifeguard dogs. Proceeds from the event will be donated to SICS Firenze (water dog rescue school) to raise awareness about child safety at the seashore and the environment.

price: 3 / 5 euros


Taste Ring _ Le denominazioni di origine territoriale (Dop, Igp, Stg, ecc) sono un plus utile per i prodotti gastronomici o non sono viste quale riconoscimento di qualità nei mercati esteri? /Are territorial designations of origin (PDO, PGI, TSG, etc.) a useful plus for gastronomic products or are they not seen as a recognition of quality on foreign markets?

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

Speakers the buyers:  Beatrice Ughi of Gustiamo (Stati Uniti), Francesc Collell of El Colmado Singular (Spagna), Giuseppe Scaricamazza of Buono (Ungheria).


Vino al Vino Spacca (i) Sassi!

Vino al Vino

Borgo Ognissanti, 70r - Firenze

Vino al Vino together with the Rinci boys takes you on a discovery of the Conero Riviera. From the harsh rock to the salty sea, the Paccasassi plant finds its perfect habitat. Try with wines from Alberto Serenelli and Federico Mencaroni.


free admission


Presentation of the new magazine “Italian Gourmet, Grande Cucina”

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

A collection of stories and protagonists of food culture in Italy and abroad.  Featuring Anna Prandoni (Editor in charge Italian Gourmet), Samanta Cornaviera (Culinary archeologist), Maria Cristina Crucitti (The cheese storyteller), Lina Farange (Farange Cioccolato).

from 6:30pm

Vodka e Caviale all'Atrium Bar

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze - Atrium Bar

Borgo Pinti, 99 - Firenze

Aperitivo with Calviusius Caviar products (potatoes cream with oyster and Siberian caviar, blinis with smoked salmon and guacamole, roasted bread with burrata and crab) and cocktail with vodka Cavalli prepared by the mixologist Edoardo Sandri.

for info and reservations:

Price: 28 euros (first drink and food - 15 euros following drinks)


Apericheese con Il Fiorino

Strozzi Caffè

Palazzo Strozzi - Piazza degli Strozzi - Firenze

Aperitivo with a selection of cheese produced by Caseificio Il Fiorino.

for info:
0564 989059 - 335 68596699

price: 20 euros


La pizza secondo Savini Tartufi e il pizzaiolo Gennaro Nasti

Truffle Restaurant Savini Tartufi - NH Collection Porta Rossa

Via Porta Rossa, 19 - Firenze

Savini Truffles do pizza in a project that offers 12 products to use as toppings in different combinations atop pizza. This concept shows once again the passion this fourth-generation family enterprise has had for all things Italian as it takes truffles to the four corners of the world. Celebrated Paris-based Neapolitan pizzamaker Gennaro Nasti will make pizzas concocted by the Tuscan food business. Naturally, the truffle is expected to star. 

event by invitation only


Food, Rock & Wine @CipollaRossa

Osteria Cipolla Rossa

Via dei Conti, 53r - Firenze

Tasting menu with wines from Az. Allegrini: 24-month aged parmigiano cheese cream, egg and “Scorzone” truffle; raviolo di bufala, tomato confit set on aubergine with wild mint sauce; stuffed lombetto with chard and caramelized onion on a cream of potatoes and basil; tiramisù made with 75% coffee-flavored dark chocolate. In cooperation with the Rock & Wine column by Benedetto Ferrara. Available also at lunchtime.

for info and reservations:
055 214210

price: 45 euros


Tartare I Olive You!


Piazza Pitti, 14r - Firenze

For one evening, Frantoio di Santa Téa and Antica Macelleria Falorni come together to combine authentic flavors based on age-old traditions to create a unique tasting for the senses. One can sample and learn about the correct pairings for three tartare with three extra virgin olive oils to find out which one best enhances the taste of the meat prepared by the skilled hands of the artisan butchers. Don’t miss the famous salami and other specialties from Antica Macelleria Falorni that are enriched with a drizzle of oil from the Santa Téa mill.

for info and reservations:
055 868117

price: 15 euros (buffet of finger food, tasting and glass of wine or beer)


Alchimia di formaggi al Sant'Agostino

Trattoria Sant'Agostino

Via Sant'Agostino, 23r - Firenze

Tasting menu with cheeses from De' Magi - Alchimia de' formaggi: marzolino cheese and baccelli; a selection of soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses; gnudi dumplings with ricotta, butter and sage; risotto al polentone; and tiramisù al mascarpone.

for info and reservations:
055 281995

price: 30 euros


Taste @Aurora con Birrificio del Forte

Circolo Aurora

Piazza Tasso, 1 - Firenze

Beers from the Birrificio del Forte craft brewery paired with traditional dishes from Circolo Aurora. A selection of Northern Soul music.

price: 7/20 euro


Food & Cheers by Fratelli Lunardi


Via Maggio, 53r - Firenze

Cocktail party in Sottarno. Celebrate Florence and Taste in the company of Lorenzo and his cocktails together with sweet and savory delicacies by Fratelli Lunardi.

price:12 euros


Taste Your Beer: una storia di terra, eroi e passione

Colle Bereto

Piazza Strozzi, 5r - Firenze

Birra Flea will offer a tasting of some of its best craft beers accompanied by a
selection of gourmet offerings.

price: 12 euros

from 7:30pm

Boia de' (assaggi di cucina livornese)

Il Ristorantino di Pesce

Piazza Giorgini, 20r - Firenze

An evening dedicated to traditional livornese seafood done in a street/gourmet version: from cacciucco stew to cod with a beer tasting from craft brewer La Petrognola.

for info and reservations:
055 0351155
(reservation required)

price: from 20 euros

from 7:30pm

I tartufi di Stefania Calugi, interpretazione dello chef Stabile

Ora d'Aria

Via dei Georgofili, 11r - Firenze

A 6-course menu with truffles by Stefania Calugi interpreted by Michelin-starred chef Marco Stabile and his staff. 

for info and reservations:
055 2001699 -

price: 90 euros

from 7:30pm

Taste di C. - il formaggio di Castelmagno incontra il tortello del Casentino


Lungarno Cellini, 43r - Firenze

A special event dedicated to two unique foods that meet in the Lungarno: Castelmagno cheese from producer La Meiro and Lastra del Casentino tortello.

for info and reservations:
328 9535779

price: 20 euros

from 7:30pm

A cena con Peperita


Via Porta Rossa, 64r - Firenze

Welcome apertif and presentation of Peperita organic products with Rita Salvadori, the company’s founder. Four-course tasting menu with a glass of wine.

for info and reservations:
055 291184

price: 25 euros

from 7:30pm

La Brace

Ristorante La Buona Novella - Grand Hotel Minerva

Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 16 - Firenze

The menu stems from the belief that the aromas and flavors from cooking on the grill form an integral part of our gustatory memory. For this reason research will be presented that blends these aromas and flavors with unusual fresh ingredients and – why not? – desserts. In cooperation with Koppert Cress.

for info and reservations:
055 27230

price: 60 euros (with water and coffee)


Viaggio di gusto


Via de' Tornabuoni, 64r - Firenze

   Tasting aperitif drawing on a selection of Antinori wines to accompany classic panini and finger foods featuring vinegars from Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti of Modena, vinegars, salmon from Claudio Cerati’s Upstream and truffles from Azienda San Pietro a Pettine of Trevi.

for info:
055 211656

price: from 10 euros


Cress & Beer


Via delle Seggiole, 12r - Firenze

A leisurely aperitif to learn more about the microgreens of Koppert Cress and beers from Birre Amarcord by way of samples specially prepared for the evening by chef Cristoforo Trapani. Paired with Amarcord beers and an exclusive Cress & Beer cocktail.

for info and reservations:
055 9067188

price: 20 euros (chef’s tasting and drink)


Carlotta golosa!!! Una festa con vino, golosità e musica

Hotel Villa Carlotta

Via Michele di Lando, 3 - Firenze

Gran buffet by chef Alexandro Sala, with the delicacy by chef Nezha Jebbar. Wines by Podere Cianfanello and La Querce, Ronchi Pichi, dessert by Pasticceria Toschi and dj set by Leo Daddi.

price: 20 euros

from 8:00pm

Fumoir d'alta quota @Ristorante La Loggia

Caffé Ristorante La Loggia

Piazzale Michelangelo, 1 - Firenze

Opening of the Fumoir Open Air La Loggia. A tasting path to discover with an amazing view above Florence. Dinner with many surprises only by reservation. After dinner Fumoir d'Alta Quota with smoked chocolate, spicy beer and grappa Selezione Fumoir. 

for info and reservations:
055.2342832 - 338.2320876

free admission (after dinner) - dinner à la carte


UB al pomodoro

UB Firenze

Via dei Conti, 4r - Firenze

Dinner with tasting of the tomato by Masseria Dauna, handmade preserves. 

for info and reservations:
339 1822715 - 055 214884

price: 20 euros


Acquerello "slow-evolution"

Caffé dell'Oro

Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 2p - Firenze

Michelin-starred chef Peter Brunel will introduce a menu with his interpretation of Acquerello rice: the "good, clean and fair" rice. Acquerello owner Piero Rondolino is on hand to greet guests.

price: 55 euros (with wine)


Golosando Taste 2018 - Acetaia Leonardi

Enoteca Alessi

via delle Oche, 27r - Firenze

Acetaia Leonardi presents guests with a special balsamic vinegar experience in a suggestive location in the heart of Florence.

for info and reservations:
337 1327959 

event by invitation only


Pomodori Petrilli al ristorante Il Palagio del Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel - Il Palagio

Borgo Pinti, 99 - Firenze

The tomatoes of azienda agraria Paolo Petrilli star in a dish by chef Vito Mollica.

for info and reservations:
055 26261

à la carte


Pop and Toast Party

BUH Circolo Culturale Urbano

Via Panciatichi, 16 - Firenze

A festive party packed with fun, music and canned beer from Baladin Pop that includes a new addition. Accompanied by delicious sandwiches and set in a lively space with music from deejays Cecco and Cipo.

for info:
055 417666

free admission


Dal secchio al piatto

La Bottega del Buon Caffè - Ristorante Michelin *

Lungarno Cellini, 69r - Firenze

A dinner by Michelin chefs Antonello Sardi and Andrea Mattei. The menu has been designed to offer diners an evening that will take them on an extraordinary gastronomic journey where they can sample pecorino cheese from artisan creamery Borgo Santo Pietro.

for info and reservations:
055 5535677

price: 145 euro (welcome drink, 7-course tasting menu, beverages excluded)