Events Calendar of Taste & FuoridiTaste 2017 08-12 March 2018


Barman championship Grand Prix - First Round

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

The barman championship with the use of the revolutionary "pressure profiling" technology, developed by La Marzocco on the Strada EP professional machine.

10:00am-12:30pm / 5.00pm-7.30pm

Mangia e gioca at the "illustrated restaurant" of Libri Liberi

Libri Liberi

Via San Gallo, 25r - Firenze

Libri Liberi and Centro Nazionale MangiaeGioca propose laboratories on the natural, healthy and bio food with the  Forno Vannini and Pasta Michele Portoghese, Sfizio. In the magical minimarket expecially designed, the kids will choose the products with the chefs, the nutritionist and dietitian and they will seat on the  table their parents in the "illustred restaurant" of Libri Liberi. 

for info and reservations: 

price: 10 euros 

10:30am-12:00pm / 3:00pm-4:30pm

The school of oil par excellence, Extra/Magnifico

Hotel Savoy- Il Salotto

Piazza della Repubblica, 7 - Firenze

An unique experience to meet excellent oils, two sessions (of about 90 minutes each) to learn to taste, great chefs to understand the right use of this extraordinary product. 
Il Magnifico, Florence Olive Oil Award, in collaboration with AIRO and  Osteria Passignano with its starred chefs, present Dievole and its excellent oils. 

for info and reservations: 

price: 15 euros/per person (maximum of 20 partecipants for session)


Taste the best of Tuscany

la Rinascente

Piazza della Repubblica - Firenze

On the occasion of Fuori di Taste, la Rinascente of Florence invites you to taste the excellence of Tuscan products.

 for info:

free admission


At GREENGO'S a sustainable pop-up, green bar, with zero impact at the "Corte dei Conti"

UB Firenze

Via dei Conti, 4r - Firenze

In collaboration with Baladin Birrificio Agricolo and hosted by UB, unique location in the city centre, Zazie and Vitam Advice will set a real pop-up green bar, coffee shop, bistrot involving "weird" plants, useful and forgotten and then roots, yeasts, mushroom that come from coffee. Plants and extracts will be exalted in symbiosis with special dishes prepared with dryer, smoker, hands and heart. In the court there will be kiosk of flowers, including local seasonal flowers and edible flowers. Coffee and variations on the theme: artisan roasting Trinci. Open also on  Sunday 12th of March. 

 for info: 

À la carte menu


Truffle Aroma with Truffle Experience

Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu

Via Giusti, 7 - Firenze

 Truffle lovers? Do not miss the hunting of forest diamond in collaboration with Savini Tartufi. At the Cordon Bleu will be organized Truffle Experience for both adult and children. A small forest in the city center to try  the unique experience of finding the truffle, with the real tools of the trade. A prize for those who succeed in the enterprise!To welcome guests, a glass of wine and a few tastes, with truffles Savini Tartufi, created by Cordon Bleu.

free admissin with reservation 


Frescobaldi and the Sun of Puglia: The Corbara tomatoes and the pasta of La Motticella of Paolo Petrilli

Ristorante & Winebar Frescobaldi

Via dei Magazzini, 2r - Firenze

The proposed menu: Bruschetta with Corbara tomatoes and Mediterranean perfumes, Linguine of the Az. Agraria Paolo Petrilli at pistacho pesto and Corbara tomatoes, glass of Aliè rosè 2016, Tenuta Ammiraglia Frescobaldi, coffee.

for info and reservations: 

price: 18 euros 



S. Forno

Via di Santa Monaca, 3r - Firenze

The quality and tradition of balsamic vinegard from Modena of Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti and of the cheese of the historic Storica Fattoria Il Palagiaccio proposed with the artisan products of S. Forno (all day), as apertif at Santino (from 7pm) or in a dedicated menu at Santo Bevitore (from 7.30pm).

price: from 6 euros 


Spices: In-fusion In-fashion / clothingS foodS drinkS

Atelier Mimi Furaha

Borgo Albizi, 35 - Firenze

A sensorial journey that will involve all the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Protagonists the spices: used in fashion (color, tactile sensations, ethnic references in the collections of Atelier Mimi Furaha), food (tasting coordinated by Cookobio with the spices of Tuttelespeziedelmondo) and cocktails (decoctions, infusions and Me,Me extracts ).

for info: 

free admission 


Tasting Cipolla Rossa

Osteria Cipolla Rossa

Via dei Conti, 53r - Firenze

Tasting menu in collaboration with Savini TartufiRenieriPasta Cocco.

for info and reservations: 

Tasting menu and, by reservation only, menu accompagned by wine tasting (Fatt. di Rodano) - Price 40 euros


Ora d'Aria in the wood

Ora d'Aria

Via dei Georgofili, 11r - Firenze

The restaurant Ora d'Aria of the chef Marco Stabile presents a Tuscan Tapas menu based on the seasonal truffles of Stefania Calugi

price: 50 euros 


The salmon goes countercurrent at Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

Lungarno Acciaiuoli, 80r - Firenze

The Chef Andrea Campani interprets the salmons of Upstream. All day starting from 12.30 Martini coctails with salmon eggs and surprising salmon tapas. From 19.00 4 courses tasting dinner with smoked, natural, fresh salmon and Martini with salmon eggs prepared by the chef.

for info and reservations: 

price: 15 euros cocktail and tapas / 35 euros tasting dinner (reservations are welcome for the dinner / drinks not included) 


Famiglia Desideri: the almond in the waffle

Gelateria Santa Trinita

Piazza Frescobaldi, 11/12r - Firenze

A journey to discover the typical Tuscan pastries of  Famiglia Desideri  of Montecatini Terme combined with homemade ice cream of Gelateria Santa Trinita. Try the traditional" Cialde di Montecatini " with a sweet almond hearts with fruit ice cream, the " Cialde 6.0 covered by chocolate" with Buontalenti cream, and innovative "Cantumatti" with hazelnut and coffee ice cream. 

price: 1.00/ 2.00 euros 


Barman Championship Grand Prix / Second Round

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

The barman championship with the use of the revolutionary "pressure profiling" technology, developed by La Marzocco on the Strada EP professional machine.


Surprise Tasting


Borgo Ognissanti, 70r - Firenze

Vinoutlet in collaboration with Agricola del Sole is pleased to invite to its event: a blind tasting of Italian wines. The ones who will guess the grape of the wines will receive a free pack of taralli and prizes and cotillon!

for info: 

free admission 


Championship of new pizza makers "Pizza Man"

Confesercenti Firenze / Pizza Man

Piazza Pier Vettori, 8/10 - Firenze

Class of pizza with children from 6 to 15 years old and to follow class for the adults. Exceptional tutors the masters of Pizza Man.

free admission event  


Once upon a time the mad ice-cream maker

Richard Ginori Flagship Store

Via de' Rondinelli, 17r - Firenze

Richard Ginori with the master ice cream maker Vetulio Bondi narrate the story of the nobles Metallo. Knoledge and love for the quality and the excellence of the territory, bring in life an exclusive tasting of the ice-cream signed by Ventulio Bondi, served in porcelain cups by Vecchio Ginori, icon of the Manifattura. 

free admission 

from 5:00pm

Street food E.V.O.LUTION


Piazza Pitti, 14r - Firenze

When the E.V.O. oil of the Frantoio di Santa Tea meets the creativity of the chef Matteo Gambi born the street food E.V.O.LUTION: arancino with pulp and monococco spelt of the organic company Monna Giovannella with Mayolivia and surprising side dishes. 

for info and reservations: 

 price: 15 euros (glass of red wine, artisan beer or prosecco included)


Taste Ring: A cup of coffee: improvisation or the fruit of training?/La tazzina di caffè in Italia, dall’improvvisazione alla formazione?

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - Firenze

Speakers:  Attilio Bottala (Giordano Caffè/Ivrea), Andrea Guerra (La Tosteria/Signa), Prunella Meschini (Le Piantagioni del Caffè/Livorno), Ettore Scagliola (La Marzocco), Francesco Sanapo World Champion (Ditta Artigianale/Firenze). The moderator par excellence will be the Gastronaut Davide Paolini.

from 5:00pm

Another idea of pesto

Bottega d'arte Anomisa

Via Romana, 37r - Firenze

With the lines of biologic pestos Il Nutrimento, three chefs will reinvent recipes of the italian tradition. At the event will be possible to taste plates and get the recipes list. 

per info:

free admission 


Mediterranean spritz in Cantinetta

Cantinetta dei Verrazzano

Via dei Tavolini, 18/20r - Firenze

Medirerranean aperitif with Amara-Rossa, the only Sicialian red orange bitter, combined with Tuscan finger food, illustrated by the producers. 

price: 10 euros 


The Fratelli Lunardi: good inside and fuori di Taste


Via Maggio, 53r - Firenze

Diladdarno, Oltrarno, Sottarno! The Fratelli Lunardi celebrate in via Maggio the opening of a beautiful spot, essential, a place to eat and drink, sweet and savoury, breakfast, lunch and breaks. Let's see if you like it! 

for info and reservations: 

price: 25 euros

from 6:30pm

Aperitif Rendez Vous Four Seasons.. Five Senses.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze - Atrium Bar

Borgo Pinti, 99 - Firenze

Atrium Bar & Liquoreria Essentiae invite you to a sensorial journey back in the time. A factory-distillery of late nineteenth century. A laboratory "fin de siecle" where you can discover the ancient art liqueur in a process that will involve all five senses, through  spices, old herbaria, tastings of liquor and exlisir, and the words of the women and of men of the shop . Snacks curated Calvisius.

prices: 27 euros first drink (12 euros second drink) 
35 euros 10 grams of Calvisius Oscietra caviar 


Pastrami Experience

Il Panino Tondo

Via Montebello, 56r - Firenze

Presentation of the new gourmet sandwiches with Pastrami (brisket of smoked beef) accompanied by the artisan beers of La Petrognola.

for info and reservations: 

price: starting from 14 euros


Nordiska, journey in Scandinavia

Caffé Alfieri

Lungarno Corsini, 2 - Firenze

Nordiska presents a taste of its best products.Salmon of high quality, typical Scandinavian sauces, two kinds of herrings with different marinating and the caviar of Kalix.

for info:

price: 20 euros


Iberian Jamon Bellota speaks Italian!

The Fusion Bar & Restaurant

Vicolo dell'Oro, 5 - Firenze

Every day from 19.00 aperitif at the bar with live exhibition of Iberian Jamon Bellota cutting La Flor de Isamor and combined coktails. Saturday 11th March from 20.00 themed dinner signed by the starred chef Peter Brunel: 4 courses where the Iberian Jamon Bellota meets the potatoes in its colours. 

for info and reservations: 
055.27266987 - Whatsapp 349.4438255

price: 14 euros aperitif/ 48 euros dinner (with wines)

from 7:00pm

Taste of Puglia in Oltrarno

Lungarno Bistrot

Piazza degli Scarlatti, 1 - Firenze

Lungarno Bistrot hosts Cervellera Salumi that will present to the dinner guests a tasting of its specialities. It will be proposed a tasting Apulian menu. 

for info and reservations: 
055.2654541 -

price: 35 euros (tasting menu) 

from 7:00pm

Taste the fish

Caffè Bistrot La Sosta delle Contesse

Via Faenza 111r, Firenze

La Sosta delle Contesse offers a taste of fish between tradition and innovation. Tasting of tartare of fresh fish and filet of seabass. Matched with Trebbiamo or Vermentino dell'Alta Maremma wines.

per info e prenotazioni:
055.0763730 - 338.8918499

price: 28 euros (wines excluded)

from 7:00pm

Aurora Mobil - a bar on wheels

Circolo Aurora

Piazza Tasso, 1/1 -Firenze

Aurora presents its new project: AURORA MOBIL a bar service on wheels, innovative and ecologic gained thanks to the renovation of a Volkswagen 1975 alimented by solar pannel. Dj and cocktails list for the occasion, with the possibility of seeing live the drinking station. 

for info:

price: aperitif with minumun purchase 5 euros 



Il Santo Bevitore - Il Santino

Via di Santo Spirito, 64/66r - Via di Santo Spirito 60r - Firenze

 The quality and tradition of balsamic vinegard from Modena of Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti and of the cheese of the historic Storica Fattoria Il Palagiaccio proposed with the artisan products of S. Forno (all day), as apertif at Santino (from 7pm) or in a dedicated menu at Santo Bevitore (from 7.30pm).

prezzo: da 6 euro

from 7:00pm

Metti una sera che l'oca...

La Divina Pizza

Borgo Allegri, 50r - Firenze

The creations of the master pizza chef Graziano - tre spicchi and maestro d'impasto 2016 for Gambero Rosso - with Oca Sforzesca cold cut pure lean Italian goose with no pork. Tasting of focaccias and pizzas made with italian flours by Molino Quaglia and sourdough with the goose cold cutrom Vigevano. 

for info and reservations: 

price:  18 euros

7:00pm or 8:45pm

#SoloSalePepe in the garden of Melarancio

CUCO Cucina Contemporanea

Via del Melarancio, 4 - Firenze

Tasting dinner with the new products of the Salumificio Mannori free of preservatives and cheeses of Forme d'Arte. The Rocca di Staggia Foundation reconstructs, through a gastronomic journey, the journey of Brunelleschi through Staggia Senese and Florence with obligatory stop in Via del Melarancio.

price: 25 euros (drinks excluded)


Core de Petra @ Tamerò

Tamerò Pastabar

Piazza Santo Spirito, 11r - Firenze

Tasting of specialities made with the flours of the line "Petra" of Molino Quaglia

for info and reservations: 

price: 25 euros 


Firenze Magazine shows up a the Truffle Bar and Restaurant of Savini Tartufi

NH Porta Rossa

Via Porta Rossa, 19 - Firenze

Presentation of the new Firenze Magazine with an event with dj set that will have as protagonist the new truffle Gin and special finger food by Savini Tartufi.

for info:

by invation only


The prosciutto of Grigio Falorni and the wines of Colle Bereto

Colle Bereto

Piazza Strozzi, 5r - Firenze

A special aperitif with the cutting board of prosciutto of Grigio di Antica Macelleria Falorni combined with the best selection of wines of the Colle Bereto farm. 

for info: 

price: 10 euros 


Tasting menu Fuori di Taste at Ristorante Il Palagio

Four Seasons Hotel - Il Palagio

Borgo Pinti, 99 - Firenze

Tastinf menu at  Ristorante Il Palagio with Macelleria Fracassi, CalvisiusSavini Tartufi, Acquerello, Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri

for info and reservations: 

price: 110 euros 


Tuscany Food Awards

Teatro Puccini

Via delle Cascine, 14 - Firenze

Cerimony of the Tuscany Food Awards, the "Oscar" of the Italian wine and food: a dinner followed by a show, at the Teatro Puccini goes on stage the first edition of the prize that honour the excellence of the regional products.

for info and reservations: 

price: 60 euros 

from 7:30pm

Once upon a time...the wheat

La Buona Novella presso Grand Hotel Minerva

Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 16 - Firenze

The wheat, tipical element at the base of many recipes of typical Tuscan dishes  (ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, ...), revisited in a creative way by the young chef Tommaso Calonaci . In collaboration with Frantoio di Santa Tea

for info and reservations:

price: 45 euros/per person (water and coffee included) 


A taste of gold with Caseificio Gennari

Caffè dell'Oro

Lungarno Acciaiuoli, 2 - Firenze

Dinner with 4 courses signed by the starred chef  Peter Brunel. The protagonist is the Parmigiano Reggiano del Caseificio Gennari of Colecchio in its four signatures, four compactness, four colours to create four tasty plates. 

for info and reservations: 
055.27268912 - Whatsapp 345.2305910

price: 55 euros (with combined wines)


Golosando Taste 2017

Caffé Concerto Paszkowsky

Piazza della Repubblica, 32 - Firenze

 Acetaia Leonardi 1871 choose again the suggestive location of Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of Florence for a tasting of balsamic and many other products.

by inviatation only


Acquerello "slow-evolution"

Il Palagio - Four Seasons Hotel

Borgo Pinti, 99 - Firenze

In his menu the starred chef Vito Mollica presents an interpretation of Acquerello: the rice "good, clean and right". The inventor Piero Rondolino will be at disposal of the guests. 

for info and reservations:

price: 110 euros (wine excluded)


Acquerello "slow-evolution"

Ora d'Aria

Via dei Georgofili, 11r - Firenze

In his tasting menu, the starred chef Marco Stabile  propoes 5 different interpretations of Acquerello: the "good, clean right" rice. The inventor Piero Rondolino will be there at disposal of the guests. 

for info and reservations: 

price: 70 euros (drinks excluded) 


Tuscan dinner Taste

Strozzi Caffé

Palazzo Strozzi - Piazza degli Strozzi, Firenze

The wines of the Colle Bereto farm accompany the exclusivity of Italian wine and food: the cheeses of the Storica Fattoria Il Palagiaccio and the sottoli of the 'Az. Agr. Agnoni.

for info and reservations: 

price: 25 euros 



BUH Circolo Culturale Urbano

Via Panciatichi, 16 - Firenze

On the stage at BUH! SuRealistas band: three brothers from Argentina.. and some acquired brothers. They write and sing in Spanish, moving from the "son alla cumbia" to the acustic and electric mood never going too far from their idea of music, made of irony and improvisation, vivaciousness and interaction with the audience. Dj set by Ghiaccioli e Branzini to follow. From 8.30pm dinner prepared by the cooks of BUH (20 euros fixed-price menu).

free admission with Arci card