A talk with Happycentro

Happycentro is a small firm based in Verona which specializes in communication planning and has always been inspired by the concept of craftsmanship. Alongside Simone Sabaini, the craft producer of Sabadì chocolate, Happycentro has promoted the Food Chocolate Design project. We had a talk with Federico Galvani to learn more about the project, which will be introduced at Taste. 
How did you get the idea for Food Chocolate Design and what is its goal?
Happycentro has been working with Simone Sabaini and his company Sabadì on communication projects for a long time. We are both, in our different fields, interested in good and beautiful things, in taste as well as looks. We have many things in common and our goal is to draw a parallel between the planning skill of a designer and that of a craft producer, to find and establish a connection between talented people working in different fields. And so, the food world, food bloggers and designers brought this collective project to life all together. 

What does innovation mean today?
Development starting from human capital, which is made up of relations and creativity. We live in a world of technological innovation, our life is filled with it in many forms, every day. Nonetheless, there is a world that is striving to create innovation by using a more natural approach based on the contact with earth, going back to one’s roots, creativity and manual skill. The desire to put the individual back at the center of the universe and carry out new projects is something designers and craft producers have in common, as well as viewing technology as one of the many tools, not the only one, we may use to create innovation.  

How did you choose the designers taking part in the project?
It was a very interesting process. In a global-oriented world, it’s nice to know that just around the corner you can find a craft producer that makes the best thing you can ever eat or an artisan unique of his kind. So we worked through direct contacts, that is, single designers or firms we regularly work with, or other businesses we have been keeping an eye on for some time.   There are sixteen in all: Andren (http://cargocollective.com/andren), Artiva (www.artiva.it), Bomboland (www.bomboland.com), Boumaka (www.boumaka.it), Duemaninonbastano (www.duemaninonbastano.it), Mister Gatto (www.mistergatto.com),
Marco Goran Romano (www.behance.net/goranportfolio), Daniele Frattolin (dentrodaniele.blogspot.it), Studio Iknoki (www.iknoki.com), Laura Cattaneo
(www.halfpastwelve.com), Sarah Mazzetti (www.cargocollective.com/sarahmazzetti), Simone Massoni (www.sketchthisout.com), Gloria Pizzilli (www.gloriapizzilli.com) Filippo Taveri + Simona Gallo (pitaveri@gmail.com) La Tigre (www.latigre.net), Two (www.t-wo.it).

What have you been most struck by so far?
It’s still a work-in-progress project. A workshop representing a fast-changing reality. What really surprises us is how enthusiastic the participants are, as further evidence of this human creative capital. The freedom of interpretation of ideas and information, from the graphic point of view, has produced very interesting results. 
Keep up-to-date on the project at www.foodchocolatedesign.it