A talk with Simone Sabaini

Coauthor of the Food Chocolate Design project

This year, Taste will be staging Food Chocolate Design, a collective project by eight craft producers and sixteen graphic designers for the purpose of preparing sixteen special recipes and united in the deep bond with the land, the protection of the environment, the commitment to a more natural lifestyle and goodness of genuine flavours, and the art of know-how. The project was developed by Simone Sabaini, Sabadì craft chocolate producer, and Happycentro design studio.

How did you get the idea for Food Chocolate Design and what is its goal?
The project is based on a very simple idea. What the world of food and the world of art and design have in common is not only marketing but a set of common values shared by craft producers and graphic designers: the know-how, the art of transforming matter. By developing this concept and my passion for art, I realized a project that proves that the world of food and the world of design can communicate positively with one another. The goal is to show the thread running through both worlds, which is based on sensitivity, dedication and commitment.

What does innovation mean today?
Being able to create something that fulfills unexpressed or simply latent needs, being able to capture and anticipate them, and read between the lines of common feelings.

How did you choose the craft producers taking part in the project?
I chose the producers who use the same approach I use: our job is to choose the best fruit the land has to offer and enhance their natural characteristics to get the best out of them. We act as intermediaries between the land and end consumers.

What have you been most struck by so far?
By the beauty, of the images, of the effort poured into the project. It’s something that really moves me and stimulates my creativity. I hope that the project will convey some interesting messages through beauty.