Calendar of the events of Pitti Uomo 93 08 January - 15 June 2018

PITTI LIVE MOVIE: the theme of the winter fairs

Cinema is coming to Pitti Uomo. At this edition the fair will be transformed into a Film Festival where the styles of the various venues will be interpreted as different genres: thrillers, adventure, action and sport movies, spy stories. Pavilions will become movie theaters where one can enjoy the entertainment. The main forecourt of the Fortezza da Basso will evoke a movie theatres district with billboards announcing the scheduled blockbusters, cult and indie movies. Creative direction by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.



It’s not about activewear or lifestyle but about the best gathering of brands representing the new dimension of modern living. Athlovers is the new Pitti Uomo project marking the birth of athletic-minded collections, and it will be presented in collaboration with Reda. This historic brand, known for its ability to combine technical textile experience with the most advanced styling, will provide each of the participating brands with the innovative fabrics of the line Reda Active to make one item for an exclusive showing at the fair. Hosted in the Polveriera, with a set design by Storage Associati, Athlovers is a project curated by Pitti Immagine and E:NOI Consulting.  


Central Pavilion, Lower Floor, Spazio Carra

The most promising names on the Finnish fashion scene will be the stars of the special GUEST NATION project sponsored by the Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery. 

THE TOKYO FASHION AWARD brings its six finalists to the Fortezza da Basso

Padiglione Medici

 This is the second installment in a series of collaborations. Thanks to the agreement stipulated between Pitti Immagine and Tokyo Fashion Award, the collections of six up-and-coming Japanese brands which were selected by a prestigious jury, will be on view in the Fortezza at TOUCH! 

MAKE, The New Makers

Sala della Ronda

The section that promotes the rediscovery of artisanal working techniques. With a new set design, a new generation of craftspeople from around the world will present specially made pieces with contemporary appeal.

FUTURO MASCHILE: Concept Lab on Contemporary Menswear

Sala delle Nazioni+Arena Strozzi

Futuro Maschile, the most evolved contemporary-classic menswear laboratory, has grown. At the Sala della Nazioni and at the Arena Strozzi, a super selective collection of experimental sportswear and a sophisticated stylistic proposal that welcomes the new. 

TOUCH, The Most Eclectic Wardrobe

Padiglione Medici

Touch!, the venue that expresses the eclectic spirit of the contemporary man’s wardrobe with an experimental and international approach, is present at the Medici Pavilion at the fair entrance, creating an ideal line of continuity with L’Altro Uomo and Unconventional. It’s a unique venue for cutting-edge styles.

UNCONVENTIONAL: Luxury Underground Styles


The exhibition project that presents luxury underground styles, will feature an enlarged exhibition space and will welcome sporty fashionofferingsIn the two locations at theArchivi, there’s an international and exclusive set of collections with personality for a hyper-contemporary gender-neutral wardrobe for those who express themselves with determination and dynamism. 

HI BEAUTY, exclusive fragrances and beauty products

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor

The extension of Pitti Fragranze, the Pitti Immagine fair dedicated to the world of international artistic perfumery.  HI Beauty will propose an exclusive selection of international brands with their personal and ambient fragrances, body care products and research into cosmetic specialties.

THE POP UP STORES, a combination of lifestyles and transversal offers

Padiglione Centrale

A transversal offering dedicated to men’s lifestyle products: eyewear, shoes, bags and travel accessories, in addition to high design products.  A revamped selection that always follows the most up-to-date rules of the exhibition game. 

OPEN: Beyond Genders


Dedicated to the latest generation of collections that overcome the menswear/ womenswear distinction, a segment gaining in popularity on the international market. This section offers a unisex selection of experimental collections and accessories. 

I PLAY: The New Sportswear

Padiglione Cavaniglia

The project created to show the mentality that has pushed the envelope defining sportswear, consolidates its international DNA. This crossover style creatively infuses urban life with authentic high-tech sportswear. 

“Born In The Usa” by Liberty Fairs

Arena Strozzi

Pitti Immagine continues its collaboration with Liberty Fairs, the US trade fairs created by Sam Ben-Avraham.  With a new format linked to contemporary-classic menswear, Liberty Fairs will bring to the Arena Strozzi, in an independent space near the collections of Futuro Maschile, the proposals of some of the most highly qualified brands born and made in the USA.

Il PADIGLIONE CENTRALE: The Contemporary Classic

The Padiglione Centrale hosts the evolution of menswear and its offshoots. Boasting a varied offering that includes the Pop Up Stores, the Lower Level displays contemporary classic sartorial collections, while the Upper Level features new classic names and their fine quality garments. The idea is to interpret a man’s wardrobe in a new way: incredibly refined and high-end. Finally, on the Ground Floor, brand collections mingle freely with the other offerings at Pitti Uomo.

L’ALTRO UOMO: Avantgarde View


The spirit of L’Altro Uomo remains unchanged. The space lies at the heart of avant-garde style. Inside a set designed by Andrea Caputo Studio, it will showcase a series of clothing and accessory collections that reflect a creativity capable of anticipating changes in taste. 

URBAN PANORAMA: The Voice of The Street

Fureria+Armeria+Sala della Guardia+Magazzino 02+Spazio Belfiore+Casamatta+Magazzini Teatro+Quinte Teatro+Cortile dell'Armeria+Cortile dell'Arsenale+Archivi+Costruzioni Lorenesi

Urban Panorama gives a voice to the brashness of the metropolis, to its style.  Denim lives with its infinite interpretations.  A territory that is open to anyone with a thirst for freedom, a blend of biker inspiration and ethnic influences.  The code word is overlapping and mixing shapes, materials and styles.

MY FACTORY: Young, Smart, Connected


2.0 youth culture is showcased at the Lyceum.  The new expressions of urban culture with their links between technology, music, art and design, have found fertile soil in My Factory for valorizing the most dynamic creative laboratories in the urban and sportswear segments. Studios

Dogana, First Floor

Via Valfonda 25, Firenze

The Creative Hub of Pitti Immagine's online fairs. Discover how Pitti Uomo becomes digital. Special Press Corner.

T-Michael presents 5 CURATORS/ ONE SPACE/

Costruzioni Lorenesi, First Floor

T-Michael - tailor, designer, artist, known for his bespoke and innovative creations - presents "5 CURATORS/ ONE SPACE/": a collective of designers that will be using their creative abilities and their time tested experiences to create and present a space that mirrors the zeitgeist of today’s style, fashion, politics, social and design vibe.


Capucci Dionisiaco - Disegni per il teatro

Andito degli Angiolini di Palazzo Pitti

Piazza de' Pitti 1, Firenze

Exhibition curated by Roberto Capucci.