doubles up at the ARCHIVI and looks towards athleisure

UNCONVENTIONAL, the exhibition project that presents luxury underground styles, will feature an enlarged exhibition space and will welcome sporty fashion offerings.  In the two locations at the Archivi, there’s an international and exclusive set of collections with personality for a hyper-contemporary gender-neutral wardrobe for those who express themselves with determination and dynamism.

Brands include: Artselab, Backlash, Bruno Bordese, Cutuli Home, Domrebel Montreal, Goetze, Goti, Guerrilla Group, Ienki Ienki, Indice Studio, Limitato, Mauna Kea, MCQ, Move Officine del Cappello, Nostrasantissima, Poliquant, Rooms by Lost & Found Ria Dunn, Sartorial Monk, Saturnino Eyewear, The Last Conspiracy, Ylati footwear.

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