Let's talk about you, where are you based? Tell us about your journey in the fashion world... what pushed you to give life to your brand in 2012?

We are based in Seoul, and we travel extensively to show our collection, at events such as PITTI UOMO and in Paris, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. We have enjoyed our journey so far, especially sharing ideas about our collection with the people that we meet.  For BMUET(TE), our path has been a process to visualise what we want and establish our own voice. We feel it is very important to make it clear what our voice is and what we want to convey, in a way that people can understand. We knew that once we established our own strong voice, people would hear it, and enjoy it, like music, every day. So this was our first step in creating our own story and concept, and now we are moving on to the next stage - expanding our story to the international market to further our journey.  Whilst in London following our MA in Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, we were able to gather inspiration from various cultures and international people, identifying another perspective to create new style and develop the inspiration for our collection. We began our label with the 13FW collection, exhibiting at PITTI UOMO as emerging designers in the New Beats section, receiving a positive response from both buyers and press. From there, we decided to convert our inspiration into our collection and expand to the international market.

What did it mean for you to be finalists at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards and who IS on NEXT Dubai 2015?

These were great opportunities, as they got our brand out there, catching the attention of global fashion professionals and showing our collection to international audiences at global fashion awards and projects. A wonderful chance to build our brand reputation, and an amazing moment to be acknowledged as promising designers.

What do "unconventional” and "experimental" mean in Fashion today? And in your creations?

As designers, or creators, today, we think these terms lie at the basis of a new viewpoint on all objects or phenomena, culture, style around us, bringing the viewpoint into a specific concept for the collection. People just want to hear new stories on things around them. It does not need to be too outrageous or something they have never seen before. People might be scared of it, asking “who is going to wear that?” To be creative or unconventional today, we just need to show something from a different angle, telling the story from their own perspective derived from memories of childhood or background and experience, something personal. Today people seek out the personal, the specific. And we want to visualise this concept for our collection.

How would you define your style?

New structure meets poetic expression.

What does it mean to be in Florence and at Pitti Uomo for you?

As mentioned earlier, we started our label showing at Pitti Uomo for the 2013 Fall/Winter collection, the perfect opportunity to show our new collection to international buyers and press. After 4 years, we finally delivered our debut runway show at Pitti Uomo last January. Pitti Uomo has played a key role in developing our label, and offered us new possibilities. And we are very excited to be there again.

Any clues on the collection you will present here? What are the main sources of inspiration?

We hope the new collection will offer greater opportunity. We want to create new beauty from the mixture of unfamiliar and familiar. This is a collection inspired by surrealism and deconstruction. 


Tell us something about you, where are you based?

I am based in Seoul, South Korea. 

How about your career in fashion? When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I think it was in 2008, when I debuted at Seoul Fashion Week as the youngest designer in Korea.

Which fashion designer inspires you the most? What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

My main sources of inspiration are my travels, the movies I see, books and all the people I meet along my path; these are the sources of my inspiration, but I don’t have any designer of reference, as an icon.

What does it mean for you to be present at Pitti Uomo?

I am sure that being part of this edition of Pitti Uomo, in Florence, will be a great chance to introduce my country as a representative.

How can you balance the idea of comfort with style in your creations?

Honestly, I have never tried to balance them.

How would you define your style with few words?

A re-interpretation with wit of the classic American style.