When colour lends itself to a concept, at times it ends up by identifying with the object itself in a revolutionary design.

A TRIBUTE TO SOTTSASS/MEMPHIS: VASES AND STOOLS IN COLOURED PLASTIC - for the first time in its history Kartell presents projects designed for the company by Ettore Sottsass: these include a collection of vases/stools by this great maestro. “A Tribute to Memphis”, which is also a celebration of one of his biggest adventures, a revolution in contemporary design.
CHAIR IN CURVED WOOD COLOUR KLEIN BLUE BY AALTO UNIVERSITY. DESIGN ANNI PITKAJARVI - The most intense of sea blues and black tubular steel for a sculptured chair called Ultramarine Chair.
Red plastic chair inspired by the Lounge Chair by the Eames. Project presented in the Rossana Orlandi Showroom.
SAM SON DESIGNED BY KONSTANTIN GRCIC FOR MAGIS - is a low armchair in polyethylene that somehow looks like a cartoon character. Resting on four legs/framework, the seat of this small armchair is softly suspended inside a horseshoe-shaped element that makes up the armrests and back.