Kaleidoscopic textures reinvent the glossary of colour with rainbow effects that never cease to amaze

KOLORMONDO - Decorative multi-colour card spheres in four different sizes
LES DANSEUSES, LAMPS BY ATELIER OI, DANESE - the result of almost scientific research, Les Danseuses lamp by Atelier Oi is inspired by the dance of the whirling dervishes.
Rotating, like the skirts of the Turkish dancers, the lampshade lends shape and substance to regular waves created in space, following a precise rhythm, thanks also to laser cuts on the polyester shade.
OUT FOR SPACE - Three wall clocks to be hung in sequence, three different colours for a single rainbow effect.
LEGATO BY CASAMANIA - Storage unit system, designed by Claesson, Kovisto and Rune. A series of wooden storage units, inspired by the works of the artist Ellsworth Kelly, which can be put together in various combinations, colourful and fun, ideal for an open, multi-purpose space.