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  •   What about Pitti Tutorship?

    Pitti Immagine invests in services to enhance and promote fashion designers with Pitti Tutorship.
    This new division of the company has been up and running since January 2016, that deals full time with all the activity required to completely establish designers who have ambition, energy and creative talent.  

    •   Which are the services provided by Pitti Tutorship?

      The services provided by Pitti Tutorship aim to build a customised strategy for Brand Development (BD) and/or Career Management (CM) for each fashion designer, supporting their expectations and professional and entrepreneurial growth plans:
      _ sourcing of partners for production, representation, sales and distribution (BD);
      _ sourcing of professional figures in PR and communications for promo and media relations strategies and campaigns (BD);
      _ support and dialogue for collection concept (BD, CM);
      _ sourcing, negotiating and management of style collaboration, creative direction, etc. with already established companies and brands (CM)
      _ handling and management, together with the Pitti Immagine legal consultants, of the various stages of negotiation as well as aspects inherent to basic contracts (CM).
      •   Want to know more about Pitti Tutorship?

        Tutorship provided by Pitti Immagine is therefore one of the best tools available in the fashion system to protect and consolidate the most important asset possessed by talented fashion designers: their ability for generation and creative regeneration. 

        •   Want to reach us?

          For more information and any specific requests, please write to us at: 

          Via Faenza, 111 - 50123
          T. +39 055 3693254
          Via Ciovasso, 4 - 20121 
          T. +39 055 3693486