Francesco Galeotti and Jacopo Nordio, IUAV University students in Venice, win the Pitti Tutorship Reward with MOTHERLAND!

four-handed collection playing with Italian Style

Italian flag flying from a white anorak, oversized down jackets, sleeveless jackets with pictures from the 1989 Pink Floyd concert in Piazza San Marco ... There are many facets of Motherland!, the collection designed by the students’ duo Francesco Galeotti - Jacopo Nordio, respectively 25 and 22 years, which was presented on Friday 29 June at the FASHION AT IUAV 2018 Graduation Show.
Francesco and Jacopo returned to university to complete the three-year degree course after a period of internship that involved them respectively in the Moncler men's product office in Padua, and in the style department office of Raf Simons in Antwerp. They decided to work together and critically analyse the clichés that characterize Italy, their motherland. Throughout the research, they inquired both daily life and their direct experience of the idea of country, and the often artificial or distorted images of Italy from Italian expats who no longer live in Italy but look at it from the outside.
At the award, Riccardo Vannetti, Tutorship Director motivated the choice by complimenting the balance between the good formal execution of the garments and the work behind a precise and at the same time irreverent philological research. The Pitti Tutorship Reward offers both students a period of consultancy by the experts of the Pitti Tutorship team, which will help them in building a portfolio and subsequently enter the world of fashion business.