Following William Stautberg

Whoever knows the collections of Thom Browne clearly sees in William Stautberg a great interpreter of the revisitation of men's suit featured by menswear master in the early 2000s. William has just been in the spotlight precisely because he won the first edition of Pitti Tutorship Reward in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design in New York.

William was born in Georgia, spent a year and a half working with Thom Browne's Mens Design Team: an experience wich certainly left a strong mark on him. Looking at his Spring-Summer collection thanks to which he won the Pitti Tutorship Reward, we can recognize the desire to completely revise manswear suits and total-look. It is clear that with his All-In-One Jumpsuits he is fully entering into an Athleisure dimension. As Riccardo Vannetti, Pitti Tutorship Director, has said on in his speech during the prize Gala night: "For the originality of his collection, for the incisive vision of an innovative men's clothing and for the uniqueness of the elements that bring together the tailored garments to "athleisure" we chose the young talent William Stautberg "

The deconstructed male suit, redesigned in the whole piece, fully interprets the need for movement of the upcoming trend. You can notice the colour pallette of burgundy and beige on the wide-band stitching, a great legacy of sports life in American colleges.

Who is William Stautberg?


William Stautberg is a Menswear Designer from Forsyth County Georgia graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design. William spent a year and a half working with the Men’s Design Team at Thom Browne and one year working with Leather Accessory Designer Zana Bayne, in addition to freelance jobs in Fashion Show/Event Production. These experiences remain impressionable to him and translate into the motivation of his own collection, combined with his Visual Lenses: All-In-One Jumpsuits, Ivy League Culture, and Masculine Confidence, all with a humorous nod. William’s work is an array of Tailoring, fully-fashioned Knitwear, and Leather Accessories that are all a new interpretation of classic Sartorial Menswear. William likes to pull visual inspiration from photographers like Luke Smalley and Lilian Bassman, and loves to study the cultural phenomenon of artists like Madonna, Freddy Mercury, and Donna Summer. Williamplans to focus on Design Team work or Knitwear Production after school, excited to learn about the technicalities and possibilities of his industry.