“I’d like to battle the world, without trying to be something I’m not or forcing myself to change, just being myself.”
Yu Haneishi

“It’s my first time to present my men’s overseas, so I’m looking forward to that”.

Takayuki Chino

“I hope to more firmly establish the originality of JieDa and spread that to the world”.

Hiroyuki Fujita

“If I could suggest something fun, involving local people, that would be really great. But for now, I hope to firmly continue to make good products, step-by-step”.

Nobuyuki Matsui

“I’m going to be jumping into the middle of a place where the whole world gathers, so I need to be courageous, but I will do my best to make good things, believing in my own senses”.

Yuya Nakata

“For the first step, we intend to go ahead and continue making the kind of suggestions we have always made, and see how people react to that”.

Koichi Watanabe / Ryutaro Kishi

È la nuova puntata di una lunga serie di collaborazioni nate dall’accordo stretto da Pitti Immagine con Tokyo Fashion Award. In uno spazio all’interno della sezione Touch!, sono visibili le collezioni di 6 brand emergenti dal Giappone selezionati da una giuria prestigiosa.