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Lucio Vanotti “blurs the line between the sofa and the sidewalk”.

If you’re wondering, no I didn’t come up with the above line on my own. It’s part of the message of Lucio Vanotti‘s collection and it’s simply genius. In a world that makes even getting a good night’s sleep a challenge, to find clothing that allow a man to both look good and feel great, is a wondrous achievement. Vanotti does it time and time again, offers perfect suiting made in what looks like knit wool and lines that drape the male body in perfect harmony with their curves. Yes, men have curves too, they just sit in different places from ours and should be respected in the same way. Vanotti did, but he also was inspired by the Masai of Kenya, and irreverently but oh so fashionably, let fabric roll edges, knotted corners and unfinished hems dictate a whole new set of aesthetics for his audience.


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