Pitti Immagine presents

Total Living

Spazio (h)

Milan, spazio (h) via varese 12, until Friday 12th of April, from 10:am to 6:pm

The idea for Total Living came from the growing awareness that styles and lifestyles are becoming more and more uniform under labels and definitions of fashion as an industry and cultural form. Total Living, as the point of no return of a project which, step-by-step, develops strategies whose goal is to offer an even more sophisticated and targeted lifestyle. It is a place where there are definitions for the clothes, the behavior modes, and even the atmospheres and spaces in which to move. Different ambients, expressions of different lifestyles. Each one defining a highly demanding universe according to the modalities of the integrated entertainment society.

Globalization appears to be full of tribes organized according to trends, who move following the “instructions”, occasionally deciding to “belong” to one world instead of another. Labels and Names are conquering an increasing amount of space in city streets around the world.  The brand is magnified until it covers entire ambients within which it is possible to move. Advertising campaigns allude to a style which has to be spread and continually updated in order to remain competitive. Taking all the necessary precautions we can ask ourselves if the protagonists of fashion and design, as well as the marketing and p.r. creatives, should be considered a new breed of visionaries, shamans of the contemporary. Motivated by profit rather than ideology or religion, they are capable of proposing total living where everything is organized and metabolized by the same harmony.

By illustrating the new forms of total styles, we intend to also reflect on the overlapping areas and connections between the systems of fashion, design, architecture, art and communications. A process that can be simplified and summarized in the slogan: from the total look to total living. Fashion has appropriated the museum and its display techniques, whilst the museum follows fashion, exploiting the appeal it exercises in a global and interclass manner. Today, living systems conceived according to a canon/logo that quickly become trends are being developed and launched. They influence the lives of consumers and create devotees of a new cult. They provide a sense of belonging and security. They create destinations for new pilgrimages. They contribute to building a unified entertainment system.

The book is in two parts:
1-A rich and closely-knit iconographic passage which (through a succession of utopias, life-projects, urban visions, architecture, special homes, stores, art galleries, museums, photographic features and advertising taken from fashion and style magazines and architectural journals) narrates the various forms and ramifications of total living today, with references to the tastes of 20th century history.
2-A critical passage consisting of texts written by scholars in a variety of subjects, as well as art, architecture and fashion critics.

Some of the topics:
- The thematic universes of fashion designers and brands. - Models of total living in 20th century history: special homes, museum-homes, museums. - References to total living in mass culture. - Living and Eating. - “Arty” fashion and trendy art. - The universes of fashion-design. - The languages of shopping. - The urban districts of fashion. - Advertising as a narrative.