A collection made with sartorial lines and proportions

Sala del Fiorino di Palazzo Pitti

6267: Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, are “The great hope for Italian fashion future” as Sarah Mower wrote on Style.com. 
Aquilano Rimondi, who were also the creative minds of Malo, simply said that they wanted to “interpret people’s desires,” and look to the legendary Walter Albini – the first to promote Italian prêt-à-porter as an expression of design applied to fashion in an innovative way. 
In their structured, embracing clothes the materials became one with the shapes. It was no longer a question of “vintage” but worn with history and it all came together in a collection made with sartorial lines and proportions. 
The power of fashion was in the dual look – a duo that moved past and present and put yesterday into every throb of today. 6267 cultivated thought about how to dress in the sense of a complex and articulated project. No more bodies used as clothes racks, but clothes that defined and give strength to the bodies.
In a setting that gave fashion the aura of its old glamour, 6267 presented the 2008-2009 f/w collection in Palazzo Pitti.