Never judge a book by its cover (because it is a bag)

Olympia Le Tan

Museo Bellini

“You can’t judge a book by its cover” would seem to be the motto of the French designer Olympia Le-Tan, guest designer at Pitti W 9, but also the title of the collection at the base of the capsule dedicated exclusively to Italy, to Florence and, above all, to Pitti Immagine. Minaudières inspired by masterpieces from Italian literature, unique pieces whose sophisticated embroidery and meticulous detail depict the covers of works such as “The Mandrake Root” by Machiavelli, “The Late Mattia Pascal” by Pirandello and even “The Decameron” by Boccaccio. 36 clutch bags on show in glass cabinets in the rooms of the Bellini Museum, in an atmosphere of decadent romance created by the alternation of sculptures, tapestries, period furniture and frescos in this famous gallery, lit by candles and starring photos mounted in eighteenth-century frames and inspired by the stars of the great neorealist Italian cinema, taken by the renowned fashion photographer Max Farago.