For the first time in Florence

Bicycle Film Festival

Four days of film screenings, music and art, all of which celebrate one of the most significant cultural changes to take place in the last decade and a completely new way of experiencing urban spaces. Life on two wheels.

Stazione Leopolda

The Bicycle Film Festival started its global tour this year at the world famous Anthology Film Archives in New York’s Lower East Side and will be coming to Florence from 26th to 29th September, coinciding with the World Cycling Championships. This year, the festival will be held in around 30 cities worldwide, including Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Sydney, San Francisco, Istanbul and London. The Bicycle Film Festival originally came about when its creator, Brendt Barbur, was hit by a bus while he was cycling in New York. Thanks to his desire to make something positive out of what was otherwise a terrible experience, he came up with the idea to create a film festival dedicated to all things bike related. The very first edition of the BFF was held the following year in Manhattan. Films, concerts, art, design and races all come together in this festival which celebrates the ever-evolving universe of urban cycling, as well as the courage of those who pedal city streets around the world every day.

The 2012 Milan BFF (7th edition) was a massive success, with 10,000 visitors over three days, 8 races, 5 exhibitions, 11 concerts and 23 foreign special guests including film directors, actors and cycling champions. The next Italian city to host the festival will be Florence and it will be held to coincide with the World Cycling Championships. The festival and the championships represent two very different, yet equally passionate, ways of seeing cycling. This worldwide passion for cycling has helped the festival to grow and grow over the years and has touched thousands of people, all united by a shared love of cycling. From the likes of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, to cinema icon Matthew Modine, from Michel Gondry to Spike Jonze and from Blonde Redhead to Peaches – not to mention the growing numbers of cycling enthusiasts, beginners, professionals, environmentalists and those who are simply curious to find out more.
The  2013  Florence  BFF  will  be  held  at  the  Stazione  Leopolda,  a  disused  nineteenth century train station which has been renovated to become one of the city’s top exhibition centres. Over the last few years, the Stazione Leopolda has become a hotspot for quality contemporary cultural movements. The festival is organised by Ciclica, a group which includes experts in the fields of marketing, architecture and design, all of whom are equally passionate about urban cycling, and in collaboration with Stazione Leopolda Srl. “Stazione Leopolda is keen to contribute to the success of the Bicycle Film Festival - says Agostino Poletto, managing director of Stazione Leopolda - and is making the entire exhibition space available for use during this first edition of the festival in Florence. Our enthusiasm to be part of the BFF also reflects the interest shown by Pitti Immagine in the world of cycling, not only as a sport, but also as a way of life, a sacrosanct part of everyday life and all-round tool for creative and cultural expression. and its rich and varied program of films and events. Yet again, we are proud and privileged to host and support some of the most contemporary and innovative cultural movements around.

For the complete list of the shows, more information and contacts please download the documents here attached