Una favola alla moda

Central Pavilion lower floor - Fortezza da Basso

“Once upon a time there was a very good girl who lived with her cruel step-mother and her three step-sisters, who were as cruel as her mother…”

Corraini Edizioni
is going to  present at Pitti Bimbo the latest work by Steven Guarnaccia, who re-writes this fairy- ale introducing refined tissues and high fashion clothing in its story. Even the main protagonists of the  fairy-tale remind to famous personalities in the world of haute couture fashion, presented here as Cinderella, the three stepsisters and the Fairy Godmother, dressed in velvet coats and high-heeled shoes, and the story starts when, one day, they are invited to a ball… Besides Cenerentola (Una favola alla moda)  and the books and the toys on the catalogue, this year Corraini Edizioni is also going to present some Primaproduzione items and prototypes, as well as a selection of authorial books and  design objects for children, which are all characterized by  the highest quality and an original work of research. Corraini Edizioni is an editorial workshop open to artists, illustrators, Italian and foreign designers, as well as a place where to work on books and custom-cut special projects. Its catalogue counts more than eighty children books in various languages: past and historical volumes republished –like the works by Bruno  Munari-, the new works by young Italian and foreign authors,  as well as a series dedicated to artistic plays for children.