Vogue Bambini compie 40 anni

Giardino Torrigiani

Vogue Bambini celebrates its 40th Anniversary, presenting for this occasion its special project entitled ”Il cibo che sorride” (Smiling food). This volume talks about the relationship between fashion and food, presenting it from a point of view that is totally new. It lets us know about the most famous fashion brands in childrenswear, presenting  their aesthetic and ethic values, as well as their tastes –also regarding food. And it is not going to be a volume about the past, a sort of monograph about the way “we once used to be”, but a contemporary reflection on food recipes, instead,  from which we discover that the best chefs actually love being helped  by children while cooking. To welcome “Il cibo che sorride”, a dinner party will be held on the evening of Thursday the 27th of June.