Style Piccoli

“Prenditi cura di me, sboccerò in primavera…”

Limonaia, Giardino di Villa Vittoria

Style Piccoli, the magazine dedicated to free time, playtime and fashions for children up to twelve years of age, and meant for parents who want original ideas and information on how to spend quality time with their children, is expanding on the internet: with the digital edition for multimedia moms, the brand new Style Piccol Channel on YouTube and social networks.

And it is precisely to the theme of growth and flourishing that Style Piccoli is dedicating this year’s photo exhibition at Pitti Bimbo entitled “Prenditi cura di me, sboccerò in primavera…”[Take care of me and I’ll blossom in the spring…”] with beautiful images and a flower that will bloom in spring. And more, at 4:00 p.m., Thursday, 22 January, Style Piccoli will welcome their guests at a special cocktail party in a bucolic setting at the Limonaia in the gardens of Villa Vittoria.