Children's Fashion From Spain

Sala della Ronda

Kids’ fashion made in Spain conquers the galaxy, on board a mothership that bears the latest trends for autumn-winter 2016/17. Along the way, a storm of Pacman, comets, asteroids and other leitmotifs featured in classic Arcade games from the past impact with the spaceship, turning into prints on the clothes of the young crew. The intense blue of the universe dominates forcefully on the colour palette, dotted with flashes of silver from stars that shine millions of light years away and an infinite range of colours that make each and every planet visible, from reds to pink, beiges, mustards, purples, greens and even black. The little guards defend their territory in trousers and jackets in a used-effect grey denim, mixed with sweats printed in silver and knits in different weights. They protect the galactic princesses, warrior girls wanting comfortable clothing that is however sophisticated for everyday challenges, while for important occasions held to celebrate a victory, they wear highly structured articles in fine fabrics like velvet, ottoman or lamé stitch embroidered with metallic threads, sequins and Swarovski crystals. In the next winter battle, Spanish kids’ fashion conquers the universe of children with powerful imagination, quality and colours.