Children's Fashion From Spain S/S 2018


Sala della Ronda

With the sun on the horizon, Spanish children's fashion brands begin their road trip with the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Along this trip, miles of fashion to drive through the trends that inspire a desert and dusty landscapes with abandoned gas stations.

The whole range of earthy shades together with the red rocky, pink and yellow of the canyons create a palette of warm colors, refreshed by green cactus tones, the grayish white clouds and the blue of an infinite sky. A retro traffic sign reminds us that we are on the historic Route 66. In the southwestern domains, denim sets itself as the fabric of the season. The dust of the desert gives it a washed look that also contaminates other garments.  
The Easy Rider soundtrack accompanies the ride of a small group of motorcyclists dressed with open checked shirts on printed t-shirts. Within a few steps, the girls live their adventure in a Thelma & Louise mood. The border is close and makes its influence with more chic country details, such as laces, embroidery, and uncovered shoulders.
Cactus multiply in prints with flowers and images of the famous Beep Beep cartoon character. The long journey through this fashion road leads to a destination of freedom, where every stop is a reaffirmation of style and personality.