The QUIS QUIS Fashion Mannequin Challenge

Exclusive Privé - Costruzioni Lorenesi, First Floor

Standing still while time goes by. This is the concept behind the idea for the very first Italian Fashion Mannequin Challenge, staged especially for the QUIS QUIS F/W 2017/18 collection.

The last frontier of social sharing just in from America. The rules to be followed for creating this kind of video are simple: film as many people as possible as they freeze.
The brand which, for this edition, will show its collection in an exceptional location, the Exclusive Private Area on the first floor of the Lorenesi Buildings, will offer the press and buyers a unique event on the opening day of Pitti Bimbo, on 19 January, at 3:30pm.
The stars of the show will be little princesses, wearing opulent dressed, immortalised in their precious youth.
The Fashion Mannequin Challenge will be organised by Sara Scamarcia in a bid to offer the passing of time as food for thought. The Challenge invites people to stop for a moment and think about the value of a simple minute, or even just a moment. Frozen in a photograph, but effectively also in a STORYTELLING video.
The event will be broadcast live on the QUIS QUIS - Stefano Cavalleri Facebook page, giving those who are unable to attend the performance the opportunity to see it.
QUIS QUIS Exclusive Private Area, a real and virtual location where Photography and Digital Art merge and blend.