Simonetta presents: "How many balloons does it take to make a dream come true?"

Limonaia di Villa Vittoria

“Let me introduce myself. I am a woman, a wife, a mother without ever forgetting that I am also a daughter. I was born in textiles and the more years go by, the more I realize that these roots are strong and deep.

I think that Italy and its skilled workers are an incredible heritage to protect and sustain.
I love to dream, I like to create, to see grow and to build by observing the world around me, listening to the needs of our era.
Simonetta encompasses all the values dear to me. Its history is the basis on which we will build this new course.
My mother dressed me in Simonetta and today my daughter proudly says, “This is Simonetta”. My ambition is that also the future generation will associate happy moments, not necessarily a ceremony, to the sweet name of a woman, to the rustling of a fabric, to the drawing, to the color of a print or to the shine of a precious detail.” Mila Zegna Baruffa 

This is how Simonetta, on the occasion of Pitti Bimbo 86, will present itself at the Limonaia di Villa Vittoria, on Thursday, January 18th from 5 to 7 pm. A special installation to celebrate a dream... came true!