The ethereal collection by Stefania Pinyagina @ Pitti Bimbo

Sala della Ronda

The Stefania Pinyagina brand came about on the Mediterranean coast in the splendid Spanish town of Marbella, when Stefania inherited her family business and became the youngest owner of a customised childrenswear brand. The brand’s concept reflects a special family philosophy, the ability to sublime and harmonise its two different souls: Russian, evident in the richness of the details and rare exclusiveness of the details that dot the collection and Spanish, hot, energetic and vibrant like the colours and the patterns of the fabrics chosen for the collections. For next spring/summer, white, the quintessential summer colour forms the base for a dreamy collection.
Light, romantic dresses recreate a floaty effect, old needle laces that give fabrics a tidy precious look, while the abundance of frills and Richelieu embroidery create multiple layers for seemingly complicated outfits. The designers at the Pinyagin Fashion House have created a refined, luxurious collection featuring only natural, innovative materials, using cutting-edge technologies to produce the articles. All the models are designed to inspire kids, to teach them to see beauty, feel style and express their individual personalities.