40 years together
Stefano Cavalleri and his 40 years at Pitti Bimbo

Thursday 17 January, at 2.00 p.m. in the Show Box and on the occasion of Pitti Bimbo, a special event will celebrate the 40 years of Stefano Cavalleri’s career trough the images of Mauro Belletti

Show Box, Fortezza da Basso

Children by choice. Stefano Cavalleri did not arrive in the world of kidswear by exclusion, but by choice.

Visionary, dreamer, and traveler, he strove to interpret the magical side of this world that enchanted him right from the start. More than collections, he constructed extraordinary worlds with a generous creativity that included – when the lifestyle concept was still far-off – shoes, caps, bags, toys, and fairy tales, completely untouched by the realm of adults.

He reserved an exclusive vision for children, a special something dedicated only to their world.

Citations, abstractions, memories, irony, fantasy injected into clothes, but also into jackets, sweaters, and sporty outfits, for being dressed always, because every occasion represents a great opportunity.

After many years at Pinco Pallino, there was then his experience at Quis Quis, a collaboration with Cesare Paciotti and Alisha V, followed by the From the World collections, until arriving at a new concept of fashion, free from the restrictions associated with seasons, with an increasingly demanding clientele as its main target and reference. Limited edition collections, including made-to-measure. The most recent stopover has been China, where he presented 'Red Collection', clothes expressly designed for Chinese New Year, which were presented on the catwalks of Shanghai, Changzhou, and Shenzhen. He has received the Shenzhen Award in recognition of his career and was acknowledged as an Expert of China-Europe on Art Design.

A journey through the world of childrenswear with a light and delicate step.