Who is on Next. Bimbo

The winners of Who's On Next/ Bimbo at Pitti Bimbo


Tarte Tatin Milano by Josiane Strocchi Fabiani and I Kakarini by Michela Grassetti will be on show in the New View section at the Fortezza da Basso.

The two winners of the first Who Is On Next? /Bimbo – the competition for new Italian or Italy-based talents in children’s fashion, promoted and organised by Pitti Immagine in collaboration with Vogue Bambini and Altaroma – will in fact be taking part in the 73rd international Florentine for kids’ fashion fair.

On the ground floor of the Central Pavilion, New View brings together minimal collections with a high level of creativity, the fruit of innovative brands and characterised by top quality and design. 

Below are the profiles of the winners:
“I kakarini” by Michela Grassetti / Corridonia, province of Macerata, 1980
Craftsmanship techniques have been put to good use in this collection of little children’s shoes, poetically inspired by Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince”. Focus firmly on perception of the universe, a desire to experiment and the discovery of new worlds through travel. They go from the iridescent metallic materials of “Magic”, the first mood, to the theme “Fable” – an overland journey, where the colour palette is warmer and furs team with aged-effect leathers. “Dusty” tells of the passage from one asteroid to another, the extravagance of inhabitants on new planets: an explosion of lively colours, a tangle of wool threads and pvc.

Tarte Tatin by Josiane Strocchi Fabiani and Maria Davoli / Milan, 1974 - Modena, 1950
Inventing a game for our children thanks to the theme “change of colour”, baking a cake together or turning old clothes into new outfits. This is the birth of a collection with soft, warm, welcoming colours and textures, that reworks our favourite garments and mixes materials in clothes that children will love to wear. A home-made concept that is as spontaneous as its baked bread-dough buttons and as genuine as all its natural-fibre materials.