That's Pitticolor!

The title-theme of the June fairs, reinterpreted in a kids-sized version

THAT’S PITTICOLOR is the title-theme of the June fairs and will revolve around color and colors, the colors in which we are constantly immersed, the colors that are all around us, that we wear, that are inside us and in front of our eyes.  The language of color is also one of the fundamental codes of kidswear so, in studying the theme of color, it is natural to narrate and interpret the styles and ways of living and playing as children.  We will talk about and plan this summer’s Pitti fairs in color, so that we can view the world in Pitticolor. The project will be curated by Oliviero Baldini.

Special Program Pitti Immagine 2015.

A cooperation between Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana and the Italian Trade Agency, with the special support of the Ministry of Economic Development.