PITTI BIMBO EDITORIALS, two new areas dedicated to creative ideas

From this edition Pitti Bimbo welcomes the Editorials: two large walls on the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion that, at each edition, will host the in-depth analysis of two topics, two spaces to look at, observe and photograph to obtain creative ideas.

_ BIKE!BIKE! The bicycle is no longer just a sport, it is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a choice, a way of moving around, a journey. From the smallest detail to macro accessories, lots of objects for two wheelers from all over the world.
_ KDESIGN i.e. the Kid factor of Design. There are objects that astound because of their function, their aesthetics, their shape, others because of their uniqueness: a journey into the world of design aimed at the under 10s. Useful and useless objects, furnishings and furniture accessories that shun banality.