Pitti Bimbo n.84 ushers in energy and confidence for international childrenswear: with worldwide launches, confirmation of all the big brands and research into the new worlds of kids’ fashion.

pitti bimbo 84: closing figures

The rising number of foreign buyers boosted attendance, with Russia (+10%) returning to the top of the buyers’ chart, and increases also for Germany, United Kingdom, Northern Europe, China, Turkey and the Middle East.

The 84th edition of Pitti Bimbo (Florence, 19-21 January 2017) brought a flurry of confidence in future seasons for international junior fashion. 
This edition of the fair was characterized by energy, satisfaction and positive feedback”, says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, “for the creativity of the collections presented, the quality of the buyers who arrived from over 60 different countries, the projects and the research carried out into the new worlds of children’s lifestyles. The growing presence of foreign buyers from nearly all the important children’s fashion markets was undoubtedly the most important factor: with Russia back at the top of the chart and with a very comforting rate of growth (+10%). The figures and feedback for this Pitti Bimbo affirmed the key role it plays for big children’s fashion brands as well as for the premiere launch of collections for kids – of which there were truly many at this edition – and, at the same time, confirmed that it is an extraordinary incubator for trends which has once again invested in research and across-the-board proposals.  I am thinking of the success of the new lifestyle exhibition projects - The Nest and Fancy Room, and the new Editorials, passing through the special dedicated catwalk shows of Apartment and the research of KidzFIZZ. Plus the many, extremely popular scheduled events that entertained a large audience of buyers and press”.
The final attendance figures registered over 6,700 buyers, of which more than 2,400 were foreign buyers (from over 60 countries and international markets). The number of Italians dropped slightly, reflecting the difficulties and uncertainties that characterize our domestic market. Overall, this edition once again passed the 10,000 total visitors mark.
So Russia once again came out on top of the chart of foreign markets, and there were also excellent performances by buyers from United Kingdom (+12%), Germany (+14%), Ukraine (+7%, another strategic market that has started growing again), from all the countries in Northern Europe (Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark), China (+7%) and Turkey (+5%); there was also growth from Japan, Hong Kong and Far Eastern markets, more or less all the countries in the Middle East and Canada; the number of buyers from Spain and United States was confirmed, but there was a slight drop for France and Greece.
Therefore the list of the fair’s top 20 key markets was once again led by Russia (260 buyers), followed by Spain (183), United Kingdom (181), Germany (158), China (117), France (99), Turkey (98), Netherlands (96), Ukraine (94), Greece (59), Belgium (51), Switzerland (48), South Korea (47), United States (46), Poland (44), Japan (43), Portugal (41), Lebanon (38), Austria (32) and United Arab Emirates (27).