PITTI LIVE MOVIE, the theme for the trade fair

Cinema is the common theme linking all the Pitti Immagine winter trade fairs, including Pitti Bimbo, which will become a kind of large Film Festival with its different categories and different styles narrated through large illustrated posters. “Defining the spirit” of each the trade fair’s areas is an image selected from works presented by artists who participated in the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and which will be exhibited in the large courtyard of the Fortezza da Basso.

The illustrators involved are Camilla Falsini (Italy), Candela Ferdmann (Argentina), Elena Maricone (Italy), Emmanuelle Bastien (France), Gaia Stella (Italy), Mariann Maray (Hungary), Marie Mignot (France), Mayumi Oono (Japan), Paul Toussaint (France), Violeta Lopiz (Spain) and the creative director and lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni