Pitti Bimbo 84 editorials: PET FAMILY

Animals are today a fully-fledged member of the family. They are our inspiration for cute details and we dedicate real design objects to them, for putting on show around the home. A sort of extended family that includes all the pets in the home. Objects and furnishing accessories for them or that refer to them, true ‘inspirational muses’.

The names: 2.8 Duepuntootto “Attenti Al Cane”, A4adesign, Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires, Art For Kids, Bobux, Brekka, Doggyly, Enostudio, Ferplast, Foof Dog&People (Design by Studio Irvine), Happy Animals by La Chaise Longue, Hunter, Invotis-distr. da Moroni Gomma, Le Best-ie, Magis-Collezione Me Too, Marina Fertonani, Maudesign-proprietà di 3dedintorni, Mimi’lou, Pirouette Cacahouète, Puckator, Pusher-distr. da Trading Group Srl, Sassi Editore, Steiff, Studio delle Alpi, Stupell Industries, The Labrador Company, United Pets, Xx Small by La Chaise Longue.