A talk with...

Roberta Tomassetti

Head Buyer at Childsplay Clothing - London

_ What does future in children's fashion mean for you? What does research mean for you in this sector? 
The future of childrens fashion is bright. The sector is growing rapidly season on season and there is an increasing number of consumers that are willing to pay more for good quality clothing.
Research is everything: it is very important for us to follow adults fashion and trends. I believe that is the key to keeping our portfolio fresh and fashionable.
_ Fashion, rather than practicality, is making a creative revolution in the growing childrenswear market, what do you think about that? What could be the future of more traditional brands? And what does lifestyle mean in fashion research now?
The Childrenswear market is becoming a real reflection of what is happening in adult fashion. Parents want their kids to look like them but this does not mean a loss of practicality. There are so many ages and situations where being practical is more important than being trendy, and this is why I think there is a fair split of business between purely fashion brands and more traditional ones. They both work for the same customer, just on different occasions.
_ Which are the main trends for the next Spring/Summer season?  From which countries are the most cutting edge brands/designers at the moment? What are you looking for in particular?
Floral prints and pastel colours for girls are always a good win, always romantic and very girly. Boys all over printed t-shirts and badges everywhere are the expectations. Overall the market is moving faster and faster to the concept of ‘mini me’ where everything that is cool for the bigger ones is a must have for the youngest ones as well.
The best country from which we do most of our buyings at Childsplay Clothing is still Italy. All the Italian brands still have a natural elegance and style that is difficult to find anywhere else. We are always looking for something different and exclusive, we like taking risks and we are never boring and this is why all our customers love shopping with us.
_ What do you expect from the next Pitti Bimbo edition? 
Pitti Bimbo is always a great source for new brands and new trends, I expect to have inspiration and a nice view of what is happening in our kidswear business. I know new brands will be present this year, and I can’t wait to attend.