The world of footwear downsizes for the new generation of mini-mes! Imagination gets the green light to accompany every tiny giant step with style.

Careful to follow the style of Mum and Dad, children are increasingly drawn to the fashions of grown-ups. Little mini-mes whose parents love to dress up with the same taste and attention to detail that they pay to their own outfits. And perhaps even with a closer eye on how the products are made and on the materials used, always of the highest standards!

One trend that is certainly on the up in the industry for next season is the development of footwear lines for kids. Kids’ footwear is more fashionable than ever and sports a playful, valuable look, but it is made using prestigious production methods and expensive materials – fine leathers, non-toxic paints and glues. From Paris to NY, from Germany to Spain and of course passing through Italy in between, the way is being paved for footwear made by craftsmen that places traditional children’s styles, such as ballet pumps and ankle boots alongside modular sneakers, ultra flex booties, for shoes that grown-ups will want to wear too! 

Fessura Gang – Fessura is the first concept of a modular, interchangeable shoe. The sole remains the constant base of the shoe, the upper becomes interchangeable with a system where the bands enter into the slots located in the sole, customising footwear without the help of machines, glue and stitching. The only requirements are a child’s imagination and curiosity, which will allow them to change the colour and style of their Fessura sneakers freely.
Melissa – Imagination will fly far with the new Mini Melissa Ultragirl Fly. This comfortable
ballerina pump with its baby line is even cuter thanks to application of a delicate butterfly. For colder days, there is the new Sugar Rain Bow. As well as protecting the feet, the lace inserted into the top part of the boot adds a pretty touch. One variant is Mini Melissa Sugar Rain + Disney Twins with Mickey and Minnie ears applied to the front of the boots.
Naturino – The brand offers lots of models ready for the cold: from baby’s first steps to sporting shoes, from the Rainstep line to back to school, to more elegant articles for special occasions, playing with mix and match of materials and colours. In the waterproof line, a functional aspect meets a more urban look with boots and big shoes with rock sole, in velour and cordura mixed with printed calfskin for a fashion attitude.
Hunter – For FW 17 Hunter launches its Core Kids Collection, a selection of icon rainwear pieces in a rich palette and rounded out by a series of accessories. The colours draw inspiration from the pinkish hues of the Aurora Borealis and also from the midnight blues of star-studded skies. A journey through the galaxies that focuses on articles like the Original Alien Surprise Umbrella, whose pattern comes alive in the rain. Must-haves are the Kids Original Vinyl poncho, the Original Space Camo Boots, the Original Drawstring backpack and the Moon Mission backpack. 
Fior di Coccole - A luxury brand owned by Stilmar, an artisan company that for fifty years has produced little shoes and accessories for babies and toddlers. The signature trademarks of Fior di Coccole are the quality of its materials, all 100% made in Italy and its study of the best style/function combos. A range of products that satisfy the needs of various moments in baby’s life, from sporty to more trendy shoes and those for special occasions. With dedicated packaging.
Anniel – One of the best known brands in the world of flat shoes and ballerina pumps, always loyal to her origins and a fresh, unique and totally identifiable product image. The soft shoe from the world of gymnastics and that Anniel reinterprets in a thousand variations tells of this joy. Crowning the image is the classic ballerina, the half pointe and baby shoes, one of the brand’s bestsellers. As always, prints are original and leathers and fabrics made in Italy interpret the simplicity of the shapes.
Bobux – A children’s footwear brand from New Zealand, Bobux was set up in the 1990s by Chris and Colleen Bennett, on a quest for a soft, flexible shoe for their little girl. The Bobux first shoe is created using soft suede with elastic around the ankle to ensure stability and allow the feet to continue to develop naturally. The Bobux bootee went on to inspire a wide range of models suitable for supporting the physiological development of children’s feet.

MAÁ + Manuela de Juan – Two lines of footwear for children that share a passion for exclusiveness, comfort and attention to fashion and details. Made entirely by Spanish craftsmen using exclusive leathers, footwear by Manuela de Juan and MAÁ comes in a wide range of colours and materials: from sophisticated Mary Janes to slippers, from sandals to sneakers. Manuela de Juan’s creations have won over celebrities like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and the Danish Royal Family.
Sonatina – Sonatina was founded in Milan in 2009 from an idea from Lena Aboo who, inspired by the atmosphere of the 1930s and the world of dance, created a sophisticated and romantic collection of shoes for babies and toddlers, with painstaking attention to the design and quality of the materials. Focus on the presentation of the first collection of baby accessories: socks, scarves, hats, gloves and then leather belts and bracelets, as well as bags and hair accessories and on the expansion of the range of shoe sizes, up to 8 years.
Lieblinge - What’s better than walking barefoot? It may seem like a contradiction, but it is precisely the idea behind the success of the German footwear brand Lieblinge. Created in 2013 by Oliver & Nadine Klein – shoemaker artisans with over 15 years of experience in the field and in industrial design, as well as parents of two children – Lieblinge combines extremely high-quality materials (eco-friendly and hypoallergenic leathers, manufactured in Germany) with a study into the anatomy of children’s feet, to accompany their every step. Ultra-comfortable, the footwear adapts to all needs, growing along with the children.
Joshua Sanders Kids - Joshua Sanders, the New York footwear brand made in Italy, presents its new kids collection. The “mini-me” range is expressed in the development of some of the most iconic themes of the brand’s creations, reinvented to meet the needs of a younger audience: NY-LA, Smile PLS, Bowbomb, Play-Hard, Don’t Touch, Postcards and 23-32. The models are a sophisticated blend of shapes with slip-ons, lace-ups, ankle boots and slides in Italian leathers, soft felt, fox fur and neoprene. Alongside pastels, and flashes of fluo colours. 
Minna Parikka Mini – From Helsinki, the Bunnies collection, the famous shoes with bunny ears worn by celebrities around the world such as Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift, has a mini version. Launched in London, its most iconic styles are re-issued in a kids version, with sizes ranging from 21 to 34, and a baby range of first shoes, in sizes 17 to 19.
Pom d'Api – Savoir-faire that is the outcome of a long, valuable family tradition handed down with passion over time, since 1973. Fine-quality materials and painstaking attention to detail. This is the essence of Pom d'Api, a children’s footwear brand, the perfect embodiment of neo-romantic elegance with a typically French style.