Skimming through creativity: the best loved books from the Extraordinary Library

Extraordinary Library and displaying shapes and colours, die-cut pages, windows an drawings designed to make “under 3” readers play and dream. Over 100 books from publishers all over the world, the product of the creative research of designers and illustrators, have been selected for Pitti by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

One book that has met with particular acclaim is “The Miracle Rainbow” by the Japanese graphic designer and plastic artist Chinatsu Watanabe: it’s a game of reflecting surfaces (which kids love), multiplying rainbows of all sizes to infinity. The yellow ribbon that emerges from “Le Ruban” by Adrien Parlange seems designed to attract attention: more than a book, it’s a work of conceptual art, which won the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2017. Then there are the decidedly innovative books that introduce toddlers to the great works of literature: like “Little Miss Austen: Pride & Prejudice”, that teaches kids to count with the main characters from that great 19th century novel.

Finally, another much loved book is the great classic for the youngest kids: “Brucoverde” by Giorgio Vanetti and Giovanna Mantegazza. And on the subject of milestones, the Pitti Show Box saw storyteller Ilaria Gradassi read little visitors the story of Cecino, from a collection of fables retold by the great Italo Calvino.

Now in its third year, the international children’s book exhibition is curated by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair for Pitti Bimbo. This year it is dedicated to the wonders of books aimed at the youngest children: 100 books, the product of rigorous, cultured and surprisin design, reinvent the book form; strong, coloured pages, perforated for objects that can express the continuous research of the international children’s publishing world in dialogue with other languages and other childhood cultures.

A selection of drawings by illustrators at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair will also feature inside the INFINITY BOX, the special gallery that introduces the public at the show to the itinerary of experiences offered by The Pitti Box. Here are the names of the illustrators on exhibition in the Infinity Box: Monia Antonelli, Miren Asiain Lora, Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami, Masha Bazilevskaya, Davide Bonazzi, Ana Bustelo, Beatrice Cerocchi, Julien Chung, Francisco Cunha, Julia Díaz, Caterina Gabelli & Sara Maragotto, Alireza Goldouzian, Sara Guerra Rusconi, Monica Hernandez, Eunah Hwang, Catherine Kuhlmann, Ahra Kwon, Daniela Pareschi, Gina Rosas Moncada, Rika Sakai, Amir