Six Portuguese brands will be the protagonists of the Kids.MODAPORTUGAL fashion show

Sala della Ronda, Fortezza da Basso

Rendezvous with the best brands on the Portuguese fashion scene on Friday 21 June with the Kids.MODAPORTUGAL catwalk show. The event – organized by CENIT, the international division of ANIVEC, the Portuguese Clothing and Apparel Industry Producers’ Association that promotes Portuguese fashion and industry on international markets – involves the participation at Pitti Bimbo of 26 companies which will be displaying their collections at the fair. Six of these will be the stars of the fashion show in the Sala della Ronda: Cherry Papaya, Knot, Laranjinha, Patachou, Phi Clothing, and Play Up.

Cherrypapaya Kids is a clothing brand for children aged 3 months to 11 years which was launched in 2014. Every season we create a story inspired by our kids and their ability to recreate the ordinary in the most pure and astonishing way!! These stories are specially told through our exclusively designed prints and graphics. Produced and designed in Portugal using premium organic cotton jersey and fleece, soft and delicate materials, and a denim comfort line. For the SS2020 collection, (Re)connect with Nature, nature is the mother, the wisest, kindest mother, it is our oldest provider... but in our frantic rush for the bright and new we all too often forget about this. This collection is about taking a step back (or forward depending how you look at it), enjoying barefoot walks on the grass, listening to the sound of crickets at night, catching wild berries, breathing and remembering how pure fresh air really feels like, it is about eating real food, taking good care of yourself and others, it is about caring.

Creativity inspires us, tradition keeps us grounded, quality is timeless. Laranjinha has been producing comfortable high quality clothing for babies and children since 1981. Our genuine and unique designs have spanned generations. Soft and natural materials, combined with innovation, are incorporated into four lines, each with distinct characteristics. Our collections are 100% made in Portugal. Laranjinha’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection. This summer with Laranjinha promises to be packed with emotions. Explore faraway places, picnics in the woods, boat rides and freshly picked fruit flavored afternoons. Endless days, with no limits of time, space or opportunities to discover new smells and colors… living unforgettable adventures.

Born in 2008 from a desire to elevate the comfort and style of classic European childrenswear without compromising on quality, Knot makes beautiful children’s clothing (0 M to 10 Y) that is functional and creative, while still maintaining a premium European style. Knot is popular for its uncomplicated clothes, sophisticated prints and colors with playful details, and premium natural materials. Each item is thoughtfully designed and lovingly created in Portugal with an unparalleled attention to detail, quality, and safety. Knot’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection. Do you remember when you realized that some years had more days than others? When the Earth took 86,400 more seconds to rotate around the sun and you had one more day to play? For the SS20 collection Knot celebrates children's curiosity and ability to learn and capture the magic of life, finding joy and happiness in every moment. This collection is a journey through unforgettable afternoons filled with the smell of the sea, adventures in the pool and fun games with friends.

Phi Clothing puts quality and design together to dress unique girls. From newborn to 14 years it presents a fresh and romantic collection with a timeless elegance. This Portuguese brand is proudly produced in Portugal. Phi Clothing’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection. The Masaya Collection is a light, fresh and romantic selection. Where quality and design are taken to a higher level. Aiming to strengthen our international position, this is Phi Clothing’s most diversified and complete collection.

Patachou is an accessible luxury brand that offers clothes and accessories for baby and children – 0 m to 14-years old. More than that, it is the achievement of two entrepreneur fashion-loving women that dreamt they would create a children’s universe with fun classic proposals that combine exclusive design and prime raw materials to make a chic timeless statement. Presently, Patachou is a global brand that assumes the legacy of the past as the righteous path to grow in the future. Patachou’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection. Patachou’s SS2020 collection is inspired by holidays & happy moments. With fun classic proposals that combine exclusive design and prime raw materials to make a chic timeless statement. This Patachou SS2020 Collection has something to offer for every occasion. Featuring exclusive additions and prints as well as high-end soft and comfortable fabrics. Join us on this journey.

Play Up is a baby and children’s wear brand from 0 months to 14 years old that is very proud of its strong textile heritage and knowhow. We try to reproduce a time prior to automation and recover the sensory qualities that assign meaning to the experience. We want to be connected and informed but we don’t want to renounce the time needed to contemplate and create. The selection of the materials, colors, textures and finishes follows this search for the inner essence of all things and the beauty that exists in the natural, genuine and in the subtle. Play Up’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection. Embracing slow manufacturing. Chapter III - Weaving. Continuing the search for the ancestral arts that characterize our cultural heritage that we admire so much, in this collection we launch the third chapter of the collaboration with Portuguese artists and creators. We’re sure that this adventure, besides being a valid contribution to the preservation of our know-how, also provides our collections with a unique ID. The art that inspired us in this collection was weaving. Rita Sevilha is the artist we invited to collaborate on this collection. We are reinforcing our commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle, stating with pride that all the raw materials in this collection are made with natural fibers, favoring the use of organic cotton.