the theme of the winter fairs

This time Pitti is talking about flags. Rectangles of cloth, lines, colors, drawings and beautiful geometric patterns: the Pitti Immagine flag flutters in the snap taken by the great photo reporter Franco Pagetti for the campaign dedicated to the winter fairs, under the art direction of Angelo Figus, who curates also the setting at the Fortezza da Basso together with the architect Alessandro Moradei. Constantly moving fabrics, like in the clothing we wear and which, just like clothes, are mobile symbols of identity, belonging, thought, feeling. A flag is never a silent fabric, it always has something to say, it consistently arouses emotions because it speaks according to universal messages. It is expressive, enthusiastic, insolent. It flutters, falls, is lowered, is raised, carried, folded, waved. Flags are also beautiful geometrical compositions; they give pleasure to the people who see them flying. Pitti is like the United Nations of Fashion where every brand has its own flag, but also where each one of us can become our own flag. Go ahead then and “Show Your Flags at Pitti”!