Annie Bundfuss and Rosanna Pendleton are the co-founders of Forever Young Magazine. They tell us a bit more about tackling big projects together, taking a moment for yourself, and juggling work and family – especially online meetings with the kids around. Annie lives with her husband and two children, Lily and Robin, and Rosanna with her husband and son, Wren.

How have things changed with work?
As well as running Forever Young Magazine (FY Mag), Annie works as a photographer and Rosanna as an art director. Apart from a few smaller projects, there hasn't been much opportunity to shoot. We have found this hard, but on the flip side it has given us a lot more time to focus on FY Mag.
Like everyone, we have days where we feel super productive and the kids seem to be able to amuse themselves and other days when it's not achievable to even open our laptops. That's what's great about working together. We can pick up for each other when it's not possible for us both to be working at the same time. It's very different as we chat over Zoom with the kids bombarding us rather than the tranquility of a restaurant or bar!
Have you started any new project or tackled one that you had been putting off?
I think because we work in a team we don't let each other put things off. If a project feels daunting, we break it down and really work together. We started to redesign our website at the beginning of isolation which we are half way through.
What are you watching?
Mostly kids TV in the daytime, followed by episodes of Normal People when they have finally gone to bed!
What are you reading? 
Rosanna is reading Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney.
What music are you listening to?
Annie is listening to Kate Bush.
How about social media?
We are being mindful to not sit and scroll on our phones too much. We love Instagram and it brings a lot of positivity but in the precious moments of not parenting we try to take a few minutes just for us. 
What fashion trends are you liking for this season?
90s minimalism, it's simple and not too precious. 
What kids' fashion brands have inspired you lately?
Brands like Djeco and Meri Meri really offer a lot of joy. Fashion brands we are inspired by are Tiny Cottons, Bellerose, Wynken and Bobo Choses. 
As a photographer, do you have any tips for photographing children?
Be patient and try and make it fun. Get down to their level and get them involved in helping with the image. They can look at what picture you have taken to see what they think would make it better. All of this will stop it feeling so much like 'work' and will be more enjoyable. If in doubt, bribery might help! 
And any advice for switching off?
Really try and be present, involve yourself in games with the kids that little bit more, really try and enjoy the moments being outside, or the few hours you can work. We have found really focussing on what you are doing in the day gives a sense of achievement, allowing for rest in the evening. 
Thanks to Annie Bundfuss and Rosanna Pendleton
Thanks to Maryline Price of Cartable