Tall, curly-haired kid’s fashion consultant and Pirouette blog editor Katie Kendrick is also the mastermind behind the Pirouette One to Watch Award, highlighting the labels and collections to look out for each season.

Katie lives beside a sandy surfing cove in the Scottish Borders with her husband Richard, two daughters Lulu (11) and Hattie (8), plus Peggy, their 8 month puppy. After recovering from Covid-19 in March, she tells us a bit more about her favorite series, having a big laugh with her daughters, and what she calls “Scottish Sunbathing”.

Are you still working? How have things changed? 
In March I took ill with Covid19 waking up in the middle of the night struggling to breath. For two weeks, afterwards my breathing remained difficult but eventually this frightening symptom eased. My family had to go into isolation, it was a difficult time. Our family and friends kindly helped by delivering meals for us, 5 weeks on and I’m much better, but still tired. I’ve not really been able to work, instead we’ve just been hanging out with the kids.

I’m planning to get going again next week, our industry is under huge strain, I feel the need to talk about this and bring awareness of the economic effects, it feels like this is the only way we can try to plot a way out. Look out for a series or two on Pirouette… I just need to fine tune what form this will take… next week ;-)

Did you establish a special routine for your children?
I just wanted them to be happy and not freaked out by the whole crazy situation. After two weeks of isolation we all started to go for a daily walk to the beach, just spending time together, chatting, playing games, watching films. The weather is beautiful, the crazy kids swim occasionally in the North Sea… but not me - I prefer watching from the shore.

What fun activities are you enjoying? 
One day we just kept going through the alphabet having to think of a word starting with each letter to do with a different category: first game was Animals, second game Countries, etc, etc. We just couldn’t stop laughing at my 8 year old Hattie who each time she got to her turn had to recite the alphabet all the way through from the beginning to get to her letter, & everytime her alphabet was slightly different. It was so funny she wasn’t meaning to but it just kept happening. Laughing together is a medicine, plus we’ve found out that she really needs to work on her alphabet!

Have you started something new or tackled a project that you had been putting off? 
I’ve watched everything there is on Netflix - does that count? I also have a very tanned face because I’ve been sitting in the garden enjoying the sun with a duvet pulled up to my neck, we like to call it ‘Scottish Sunbathing’!

Is there anything positive that we can draw from this situation? 
I think there is an opportunity and a willingness for there to be a real shift in attitudes towards our economy and social political attitude.

Any tips on keeping anxiety away during this time?
For adults a G&T after 5pm & don’t download too many fitness apps they are depressing!
For kids (and adults) make sure to not have the news on constantly it’s not good for morale.
Also as a family hug… hug a lot, and yes homeschooling is of course good but seriously the most important thing is that they are happy. So try to enjoy the moments and don’t put too much pressure on yourselves.

Any books or TV shows that you’ve loved reading or watching recently? 
I haven’t read a single book but Netflix....The Innocent Files – Amazing. The Innocent Project in the USA is fighting to release the incarcerated innocent. Unorthodox - fascinating. I was just in Williamsburg recently and this offers a little window into the orthodox world.  Oh & ‘Ozark’ I watched the three series from start to finish…proper binge watching!

Thanks to Katie Kendrick
Thanks to Maryline Price @cartableenfants