The Franco-Spanish photographer and writer Lois Moreno shares what she’s getting up to, while staying at home in the Loire countryside. Lois specializes in children's fashion and lifestyle photography, she’s a content creator on Instagram, she blogs on www.ilovequeencharlotte.com and you can bet she’s keeping herself busy in these times, too.


Are you still working? How do you Manage?

I continue to create content on Instagram, both on my personal account @loismoreno_ and that of @maisonsource, the project we have with my husband. I also write for my blog. I haven’t imposed an excessively strict routine on myself. I try to take advantage of this time, to do things that I never have time to do. But without too much pressure. I prefer to make the most of the opportunity to savor time.


What do you like most about your job?

The freedom and being able to express my creativity through my photos.


What’s your way of organizing at the moment?

The pace is set by the children's homework. Besides that, we haven't really done any planning for our days. We kind of go with the flow, depending on the days and what we want in that moment.


Do you have any tips to keep the spirits high, at the moment?

I am not athletic at all, but I started a yoga routine in the morning and meditation in the evening. It helps me to stay focused on the positive aspects of this confinement. And then, at the end of the day, we dance to Bob Sinclair's live sessions! It's awesome!


Do you or your children have a favorite outfit for this time at home?

Not really. It's free style.


Is there any positive message you get from this situation?

I hope that all these events will help us refocus on the essentials. Nothing is for granted. Everything changes. And change is always a good thing.


What's the first thing you want to do, after this confinement?

A big party at home, with all our friends and the people we love. Do you have any nice Instagram accounts to share, to keep the children busy? @Milk_magazine for a mix of things and content for the whole family. And for me @Aimeskincare, @Lilibarbery @The_greaceful_movement


Thanks to Lois Moreno

Thanks to Amélie Noël

Photo Credits: Lois Moreno