Peggy Juche, a Berlin mum of four living in London, is the founder of Paul & Paula, which has established itself as an international point of reference for children's fashion, design, and lifestyle, with a focus on small brands with big stories to tell. Here, she talks us through her current time at home: from organizing the days to chic leisurewear.
Have you set up a special routine or planning, for this time?
Yes, we created a weekly plan together with the children. Generally, following their school hours. In the morning, we work on school assignments, have a fruit break, and also do some sport or yoga through a YouTube video. In the afternoon, it is more about crafts, reading, or languages.
At around 3 pm we go out for our daily fresh air walk in the park. Here we also try to play some football or badminton, for example. 
Are you still working? What do you like most about your job?
A bit, yes, but all my projects and events have been canceled or postponed. I always worked from home, so it is not a big change except that I am usually alone at home during the day. I love the flexibility which also allows me to concentrate on the children, who have all kinds of questions and feelings about their new situation as well.
What's your way of organizing at the moment?
I am quite an organized person in general and feel that everyone functions better when we know how the day ahead looks like. Especially with 6 people at home and nowhere to go. We have meal plans for lunch and dinner, for example. During the week, the kids get dressed and brush their teeth and have breakfast before 9 am. Because at 9 we start with 'school'. Screen time, snacks etc. are also on the plan, and it might sound very strict, but it works, and no one is constantly asking for an iPad or an apple.
Do you have any tips to keep the spirits high at the moment?
Exercise! It is vital and very important for your mental health.
Do you or your children have a favorite outfit for this time at home?
Not really. The kids enjoy that they do not have to wear their uniforms, and since the weather is very nice, they usually run around in shorts and a t-shirt. I definitely wear something quite comfortable; however we do not hang out in our pajamas. Chic leisurewear style, I would say.
Is there anything positive you get from this situation?
The forced slow down, going back to understand that you really do not need much, and seeing how our earth enjoys 'the break' is definitely positive.
What's the first thing you want to do after this confinement?
Great question. I said to the children that it would be nice to go into Central London once we are allowed again. Enjoying it when it is still calm and without a lot of people and tourists. Taking in this very different image of a metropolis.
Do you have any nice Instagram accounts to share, to keep the children busy?
@oliverjeffers, we love his books and he is doing a reading every day!
And the ones that are helping you?
Humor always helps and a giggle a day (or two) makes this whole unreal situation more bearable, therefore I have to say: @fuckologyofficial.