Bonnie van Geel is a kids fashion stylist, photographer, and freelance graphic designer.  She lives with her daughter Pepper (10) and their dog Bubble in a small town in The Netherlands. Bonnie runs the inspirational Instagram account Pepper Pics @pepper.pics
How are things evolving with your work and family life?
Pepper just started school again two days a week. After having her home with me 24/7 it felt really good to have those days back for myself again. But I can't complain at all because Pepper is a girl who does well at school and loves it, so it wasn't a struggle at all. I loved having her around.
What have you been watching?
I just started Kalifat on Netflix.
What have you been reading?
Wees onzichtbaar / Be invisible by Murat Isik.
What you been listening to?
I just discovered Snoh Aalega on Spotify. I also love to listen to classical songs from Aaron Lansing while I'm at work. I noticed it also worked well for Pepper while she was doing homework. And I love Angus & Julia Stone, especially my favourite song all time, Paper Aeroplane. 
What do you like wearing?
Summer dresses day in day out. White legs or not ha. 
Any inspiring Instagram account to share?
I get inspired by so many accounts, but I just discovered @jasminabylund via @mrsmighetto. Maybe it was because I was working on a floral project but her work is truly amazing. 
What are your favorite fashion trends for the season?
I love to mix and match, and you can mix almost anything this season. I still love the oversized trend, and I love seeing that a lot of things from the 80s are back. I'm a child of the 80s, so I love all those familiar pieces. 
What kids' fashion brands have inspired you lately?
The New Society and The Animals Observatory. I love almost every piece from these collections. 
Thanks to Bonnie van Geel

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