Linda McLean is the founder of kids fashion blog Smudgetikka.
Already a co-founder of Junior magazine, Linda has a long and varied career in the fashion industry both as a journalist and an editor. Here, she talks to us about currently self-isolating on her own in Wimbledon, near London, without ever feeling lonely.
Are you still working? How have things changed during this time?
I am lucky in that I am self-isolating by myself as my daughter was away at Glasgow School of Art and remains up there, and I'm never lonely on my own.
I am still working and occasionally posting but, in this situation, it feels very strange to be posting something like kids fashion or indeed any fashion, as it is all about the fundamentals in life right now. Most of the online stores are still open and, of course, kids never stop growing, so there will be a need for new clothes at some point. Right now, I am posting a lot more about what brands are sharing with coloring downloads and tips for special activities, books, cooking, etc.
Have you started anything new or tackled a project that you had been putting off?
I am keeping busy with house projects, I had a huge tidy up of the garden, planted seedlings, and have made myself a couple of cotton face masks.
I have also enrolled in a diploma course with the MOMA called "Seeing through Photography", which is all about the history of American photography and how to analyze photos.
Is there anything positive that we can draw from this situation?
The situation may make us realize that we don't always need to be rushing around and be so frantic all the time, that we need to give ourselves time to chill as well.
Do you have any tips to keep the spirits high?
I think little treats are essential. I have a secret stash of chocolate and Prosecco that, while they're not on everyday view, I know I can raid if I have a particularly low day. Otherwise, I think regular exercise helps. 
In the UK, we are still allowed out for a daily walk, so I try to find the most scenic rounds where I have house envy, and I photograph and post on Instagram stories some of my favorite local dwellings! I also use YouTube for Pilates classes every other day.
What brands or Instagram accounts stand out to you during this time?
I've not actually been looking at kids' fashion much, but I've been looking more at Vogue and The Business of Fashion and all the live stream talks and podcasts that have been going on as we all try to make sense of the current situation. For interested mums, the current edition of British Vogue is available to download for free, as is the Italian Edition.
Any books or TV shows that you've loved reading or watching recently?
I am currently reading Cecil Beaton's diaries from the 60's for some nostalgia and Tina Brown's Vanity Fair diaries from the 70's and 80's. Great remembrances of the way things were! On TV, I am watching the Scandi drama Twins, Netflix hit Tiger King and the end of US drama Homeland. 
What's the first thing you want to do after this confinement?
If shops will open first, I would say a trip to Liberty's London store is pretty high up on my wishlist, followed by a trip to the hairdresser, which I think will be an option for many women.

Thanks to Maryline Price