Alternative Set

Temporary Events

Inside New View a mini program of temporary events and installations. Special events will test new communication and promotional methods that are fast, incisive, and able to astound.

17.01.2013 | 2.30 pm
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17.01.2013 | 4.30 pm
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17.01.2013 | 2.30 pm | Main Pavillion lower floor Salone M

Gi'n'gi produces clothing accessory items, above all hats, and caps themselves will be the main protagonists of the Alternative Set of Pitti Bimbo, named Gi'n'gi Kids Hat Mirror. Kids will try  the hats in front of three huge mirrors, thus capturing the attention of the audience, who will see how  an extremely fashion item could be turned by childrten into a play and a mean at disposal to their creativity.

17.01.2013 | 4.30 pm | Main Pavilion lower floor Salone M

Clothes that are made in Italy, with a refined style, easy to dress up, that are also a stymolus for the mind throughout a history. This is the mission of Tissa collection, which has found its ideal pleyground in this edition of Pitti Bimbo, inspired to Bookswearmania. Alternative Set by Tissa is a little set for the collections by Tissa, as well as the figurative representation of the two books imagined by the designers and the president of the brand, with the narration of the stories by an off-set voice.