Fun Glasses

The new PopUp Stores dedicated to eyewear for kids

This increasingly technical and reliable sector is also linked to design, fashion and the world of color.


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Brand leader in the sector of sports and lifestyle eyewear, the history of Carrera started in 1956, when its founder, the producer of sports glasses, Wilhelm Anger, decided to create a brand inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana car race. Passion is the engine that drives the world for Carrera, a passion that has been part of the brand's DNA since its origin.          


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The new KIDS BY SAFILO eyewear collection is a project for children from 0 to 8 years of age, which uses a medical-scientific approach to meet the specific needs of younger users, developed with cutting-edge technologies and new-gen materials. The ideal union of innovation and comfort, the new eyewear collection responds perfectly to the requirements of young children and, at the same time, the expectations of their parents.


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Miraflex the brand was established in the late '80s with the aim of developing the most suitable children’s frames ensuring, for every age group from newborn to teenagers, the best mix between safety, quality, functionality and aesthetics. Miraflex with the great experience gained in these years offers a great range of frames designed by specialists in accordance with the recommendations made by the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus that list the characteristics that must have the child frames. Miraflex is now present in over 60 countries worldwide and has won numerous awards including the Vision Choice Awards during the last edition of the New York Vision Expo East.


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Founded in 1937 by Edwin Land, Polaroid has made its name over the years as the world’s leader in polarised lens technology thanks to the exclusive Thermofusion™ production process. Polaroid aims to make colours, details and improved visual clarity more accessible for everyone, thanks to the brand’s original polarised lenses. Since the start, Polaroid has remained faithful to this principle and the brand has enhanced the chromatic aspect with insertion of the icon rainbow into its logo.


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Founded in Paris in 2010, See Concept produces sun and prescription glasses for adults and children with innovative, fun style. Quality materials, innovative, on-trend frames partner a wide range of different colours and models, ideal for all the family.


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The brand is named after the American series created by cartoonist Matt Groening. And the stars of this Kids collection (4-12 years) are the members of the popular Simpson family themselves. Colourful, fun glass for kids, entirely hand-made in Italy following extreme-precision techniques. Each pair is made from pantograph-copy milled sheets, medical steel and injection-mould material. All the frames have flex temples to make the glasses comfortable and resistant. 


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Brand leader in the lifestyle sector, recognised on an international level, Tommy Hilfiger celebrates the essence of classic cool American style, preppy but with a design twist. Its eyewear collection includes prescription and sunglasses that reflect the youthful spirit and irreverent attitude at the heart of the brand’s identity. The collections are produced and distributed by the Safilo Group, Italian manufacturer and world distributor of eyewear since 1878.

One of the first brands to specialise in kids eyewear, Zoobug was set up in 2006 with the idea of creating sunglasses for kids—in two sizes: 0-3 and 4-12 years of age—innovative, resistant and with effective protection from UV light and on-trend design. The brand has won many awards, including the most prestigious international one for this sector, the Silmo d'Or, and the British Junior Design Award in 2015 as the best children’s travel product.